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Saturday August 29, 2009: More new acquisitions to Folk Plus

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Folk Plus is a mostly lyrically and theme based show of contemporary singer-songwriters, some older cuts and perhaps a spoken word or broadway entry, all based on a theme.
It has been hosted since 1993 by Angela Page airing Saturdays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at 90.5 fm in Jeffersonville, N.Y. and 94.5 in Monticello N.Y.  following Car Talk.
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1. Levon Helm - When I Go Away (Larry Campbell) 4:32
Electric Dirt -
Drummer for the band, most recently at Woodstock locally for the 40th anniversary celebration

2. Janis Ian - God and the FBI - Essential Janics Ian - Columbia/Legacy
Frrom her notes: "That I became a songwriter at the age of 12 is due as much to the times, as to my talent. from the frist, I firmly believed my efforts would help turn the world into a beter place. Listening to these songs, written and recorded over 45 years since, I wonder whether my faith was born of insight, or naivete. I was born into a country that would soon divide."

3.  Jackson Browne - Here - Single
"Here" is a single from the movie "Shrink" Browne says: "The song is about two characters in the film who are struggling to accept what has happened in their lives. It's about trying to be here in the present, even if you don't really care for the present"

4.  David Francey - Broken Glass intro, followed by Broken Glass
The First set - laker music,
About marrying when one partner has kids, about the maturity of 14 year old girls, about the immaturity of 14 year old boys, about crushes, about parenting either and more.

5.  Girlyman - Easy Bake Ovens - Everything's Easy-
"I was feeling alone, feeling insane.... took a picture of august the nine of the newspaper and the headline...   nixon resigns"

6.  Kat Eggleston - Road To Ruin - Speak -
"I dont know how often someone simply decides to do an evil thing. I suspect that more often it happens iwth a s series of small steps in the wrong direction." from her cd notes.

7. Richard Shindell - Get Up Clara - Not Far Now - Signature Sounds
Shindell says "people generally like songs about mules"  [-lol, my note]

8.  Chuck Suchy - Muckerman - Unraveling Heart - High Horse Records
produced by Peter Oshsruko, another mule mention

9.  Ol Diamonback Sturgeon/Jeff Sturgeon
Fishing Music II - Snake River Records
A mix of songs and tunes a inspired by fish, fishing and rivers

10. Ana E - Farmer's daughter - Road To My Love -
"...ran with the wild one when nothing was dangerous"

11. Joel Mabus - How Can I Keep From Singing
No worries Now... - Fossil Records
"my faith renewed it beckons me, how can I keep from singing..." Joel's arrangement

12.  Hope machine - Sing Sing Sing - Big Green -"
"singing is praying times two"

13.  La Baratte a Beurre - single
Their website is dead and I've no idea how this arrived- the cd has no track titles, let alone times, traditional music from Quebec faded out for noon.

14. Catie Curtis - 100m Miles - Hello Stranger - Compass
"Id like to answer you but I cant clarify if Im a hundred miles ahead or a hundred miles behind"

15.  Dala - Horses - Everyone is Someone - CaMpus Music
A ballad for people living with physical disabilities

16. Slaid Cleaves - Cry - Everything You Love will Be Taken Away -
Cry for your mumma, cry for your dad, cry for everything you know they never had

17. Cloudstreet - Time is a tempest - Clouds on the Road -
"they've killed all the jungles, they're takers not givers, they call it progress, it gives me the shivers.."

18.  Jakob's Hollow - Devil's Den - Legend of Bobby the Kid -
"they rallied us to counter charge and give it one more try...welocme boys to the devils den, this is where were gonna make our stand"
[a union soldier at gettysburg]

19. Joe Jencks - Crossing Over - Links in a Chain - Turtle Bear Music
"we will give ourselves to justice, we will cross this line for peace"

20.  Jaime Michaels - A Momentary Thing - Crooked -
"I am the kid whose mum yelled out the window at the top of her lungs "I can't live like this," but she lived like this pretty much forever"

21. Nichols Family - Look in the Mirror - A Cry From the Mountain -
"dont look at me, dont look at him, dont look at her, look in the mirror"

22.  Terry Kitchen - Cherokee Run - Summer to Snowflakes - Urban Campfire Music
"...everybody old moving out, everybody new moving in"

23.  Luke Winslow-King - Lost Soul - Old/newBaby - Fox on a Hill
"a lost soul, just a memory, I'm so far beyond, shes got no hold on me"

24.  Rachel Garlin - Bound to be Mountains - bound to be Mountains
" I dont love you only when love is surrounding us"

25. Roy Zimmerman with John McCutcheon, Sandy O and Laura Love - Summer of Loving - single -
"We should love who we love" - about the Richard and Mildred "Loving v Virginia " case.

26. Judy Collins - Democracy (Cohen) - Got to Gety a Message to You, 'Cause We Care: songs of hope change and accountability - wildflower
"Its coming through a hole in the air, those nights in tiananmen square..."

27. Craig Werth - Tiny Stars - Loose Gems -
sounds like local Stuart kabak!
Craig plays with David Francey, but this is his solo release. He graduated an hour or so north of here in Margratville, and they played near there last weekend.

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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