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Saturday Sept 5, 2009:  Long, live Introductions, and talking in Songs

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Last week I met someone who said that they were not a "folker" but they really enjoyed the long intro by David Francey and the song that followed. It got me to thinking about other cds from live shows and the banter betweensongs. SO today's folk plus is mostly from live cuts with introductions before the songs.

1. David Francey - Paper Boy intro, followed by Paper Boy
The First set - laker music,

2.  Vance Gilbert - Vance Rants followed by Country Western Rap
Laugh tracks: Two Evenings of Music and Madness, Live at the Bottom Line Volume 1 - Shanachie
Sept 13, Turning Point, Vance Gilbert - 845 359 1089

3. Jackson Browne - Intro to The Night Inside Me, followed by Night Inside Me
Solos Acoustic vol. 2 -

4. Tom Lehrer - New Math - That was the Year that was - Reprise Records

5. Christine Lavin - Good Thing She Can't read My Mind, A Dude's Eye View
Cold Pizza for Breakfast - Yellow Tail Records
9/11 Towne Crier  Christine Lavin, Buskin and Bateau  call 845 855 1300

6.  Steve Gilette & Cindy Mangsen - Intro and When the First Leaves Fall -
Live in Chicago -

7. Dervish - Intro and Pheigin Mo Chroi - Live in Palma - Kells

8.  David Wilcox - Carpenter Story, followed by Fearless Love
East Ashville Hardware, Live - KOCH

9.  Chuck Brodsky - Intro and Letters In the Dirt - Two sets - Waterbug

10. Tom Paxton - Intro and Marvelous Toy - Live From Mountain Stage - Blue Plate Music

11.  Dave Van Ronk - Dave Speaks, Intro to Youv'e Been a Good Old Wagon, followed by that cut
Dave Van Ronk and ther tin pan bended, ante the story ended - Smithsonian

12.  David Bromberg - Intro and Ookpik Waltz - David Broberg Quartet" Live NYC 1982 - Appleseed

13.  Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Intro, Don't Think Twice, It's Alright - Ramblin jack Elliott Live at Tales from the Tavern, Volume One
Tales from the Tavern

14.  Cosy Sheridan - Intro to Ladies room, followed by Ladies Room - Live at CedarHouse - Waterbug

15. Joel Mabus - Cindy / Gerald & Jerald Lee - Banjo Monologues -

16.  Cheryl Wheeler - Christine Lavin Could Do It Intro, then song - Big League Babe:
Christine Lavin Tribute Album Pt 1. - Prime cd

17. Camille West - Romance Languages, Root Canal of the Heart - Diva's Day Off - Mother Tongue Music

18.  John McCutcheon - Christmas in the Trenches - Live at Wolf Trap - Rounder

19. Work of the Weavers - Pete, Bob sherman
of wqxr '69 "woodys children" to wfuv in 99 sundays 4pm... intro When the Saints

FYI  Monday Sept 7 -Piermont NY, Turning Point cafe hosting an outdoor festival  - Aztec 2 step, Red Molly

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues which allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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