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Saturday Sept 12, 2009: Using Music for a cause
and Playing Second Cuts

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Folk Plus is a mostly lyrically and theme based show of contemporary singer-songwriters, some older cuts and perhaps a spoken word or broadway entry, all based on a theme.
It has been hosted since 1993 by Angela Page airing Saturdays from 11:00 am - 1:00 pm at 90.5 fm in Jeffersonville, N.Y. and 94.5 in Monticello N.Y.  following Car Talk.
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Two themes: Using music in a cause followed by the airing of a second cut of some new releases.

1. Hope Machine - Folksinger - Big Green -
"thats all we need, another folksinger"

2. Joe Crookston - Don't Go Frackin' My Back Yard - single
Fracking has been a topic in Ithaca for the last year or so, just as it is here.   WICB's DJ, Gene Endres of The Hobo's Lullaby in Ithaca New York sent me this song sung by Ithaca resident Crookston. Management of natural gas industries were speaking locally this week. Also a local filmmaker Josh Fox, aired his film called Water Under Attack. Josh took a year to travel aroudnt eh country interviewing folks who have leased their properties to natural gas companies.

3. David Francey - Pandora's Box - Artists for the Algonquin In supoort of the Ardoch Algonquin First nation and their fight against uranium mining.
Bob Lovelace is a former chief of the Ardoch Algonquins and a Queen's University lecturer. He was sentenced to six months in jail in February 2008 for refusing a judge's order to stop blocking access to a uranium mine prospecting site north of Sharbot Lake.  Francey's tune addresses the idea of once opened you can't put toxins back.

4.  Night Sun - Glori - Artists for the Algonquin In supoort of the Ardoch Algonquin First nation and their fight against uranium mining.

5.  Terry Tufts - Brighter Shade of Green - Artists for the Algonquin In supoort of the Ardoch Algonquin First nation and their fight against uranium mining.
These three cuts are from a compilation to earn support and funds for Bob Lovelace, university professor and chief, who was arrested and imprisoned for protesting the uranium mining in Ontario.  THe government was suppose to follow regulations before allowing such mining. Once released, there is no way to put toxins back.

Pete Seeger speaking on activism

6. Paxton and Hills - There Goes the Mountain - Under American Skies - Applessed
Using song to protest the losses of mountains due to mining. This one about a mountain in Japan.

7. Rebel Voices - If You Can See Me - A Piece of the Wall -
Today is Leonard Peliters 65th birtdhay.  He and others are mentioned in this cut from Rebel Voices

8. Wyrd Sisters - Farewell to Calyoquot Sound - Inside the Dreaming
Fighting against logging in far western Canada.

9  Melissa Javers- Give the Gift of Life - Crazy Wisdom - Chrome
About the gift of organ donation.

10 Roq off - Losing my home
from the movie Casino  by Leslie and Andrew Cockburn
These kids are between the ages of 12-15 and produced the track, wrote most of the lyrics. They engineered the recording by themselves. They have also released 5 full length albums and dvds in the past 3 years. Their myspace page is

11 Pete Seeger - We Shall OVercome - The Essential

12  Janis Ian - Hair of Spun Gold - The Essential Janis Ian - Rude Girl Records

13. Joel Mabus - Am I Right? - No Worries Now - Fossil

14  Jack Hardy- Rainer - Rye Grass - Great Divide

15  Ellis Paul - Annalee - The Day After Everything Changed -

16  Tom Chapin - We Will Adjust - Let the Bad Times Roll - Sundance Music

17  Walin Jennys - Deeper Well - Live at teh Mauch Chunk Opera House - Red House

18  Jonathan Edwards - Four Strong Winds - Rollin Along Live in Holland -stricly country records

19  Nathan Rogers - Willie O Winsbury - The Guantlet - Borealis

20.  Naomi Sommers - Fine Morning - Gentle as the Sun - American Melody

21. Euphonia - The Old Man at the mill/Polly Put the Kettle On
Old jawbone -

22.  Michael Troy - Here I Am - Mill Town Boy -

23. Anna Dagmar- Smile For Free - Let the Waves come in Threes -

24. Slaid Cleaves - Dreams - Everything You Love Will Be Taken away -

25.  Gathering Time - Train Coming - Songs of Hope and Freedom -

26. Christine Lavin - Attractive Stupid People - Cold Pizza for Breakfast -
Article in the Post on this song - Sept 13, 2009


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