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Saturday Oct 31, 2009: Songs with Nonsense Syllables

Welcome to the member-funded, hydro-powered, volunteer-run studios of WJFF.  Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings.
Folk Plus is a mostly lyrically and theme based show of contemporary singer-songwriters, some older cuts and perhaps a spoken word or broadway entry, all based on a theme.
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Today's show involves nonsense syllables in the cut - what I thought might be a hard bunch to gather, has turned out to be more than I can air in the two hours... so here we go.
Thanks to John Webber, Mike Jung, Paul Stamler, Mikey Vandow and some listeners with their submissions and ideas.

1. Flying Cloud - A Lady Fair - Traditional Music from Ireland, England and Scotland - Adelphi Records
wack for the laddie toor a laddie wack for the toor a loor a lay

2. Full Frontal Folk - Katey Cruel 227 - Storming the Castle -
oh, diddle alley day, o dee diddle aye oh day

3. Enoch Kent - Billy Taylor 449- For the Women - Second Avenue Records
Right fol laddie tor a laddie o right for ladie toor a loor a lay

4. The Beatles - Ob La Di Ob La Da - White Album - Capitol
Ob La Di Ob La Da

5. Shirley Ellis - Name Game 232 - Very Best of - Taragon
banana panna bo banny

6.Clancy Brothers - Mr. Moses Ri-Tooral-I-Ay 226 - Best of the Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Columbia
Moses ri tooral i oril i ay

7. Colcannon -  The Game Cock 254 - Some Foreign Land -
fal did a lary lary lay, fal did a lary lary aye dooo

8. Crystals - Da Do Ron Ron - Best of... - Vanilla OMP
Da Do Ron Ron

9. Margaret MacArthur  - Yorkshire Bite or New Hampshire Bite 505 -Ballads Thrice Twisted
to me fa la la lie dow fa la lie day

10. David Massengill - Down Derry Down 537- Twilight the Taj Majal - Plump Records
allelujah, siss boom bah, la dee dah, fiddledee diffledum, by golly by gum, down derry down

11. Art Thieme - Red Iron Ore 348-  The Older I get the Better I was - Waterbug
derry down, down, down derry down

12. Bryan Bowers - Scotsman 226 - Home, HOme on the Road - Flying Fish
Ring Ding diddle diddle eye dee do... [ending at 44:53 ]

13. Pete Seeger -  Never Wed An Old Man 236 - Live in '65 - Appleseed
fal da lah  la doodle,  hi derry down.. he's lost his ding doodle....

14. Broadside Electric - Babylon  546- More Bad News -  Clever Sheep Records
tooralee and a lowy oh

Eric Weissberg ["The Greenbriar Boys." '58 and "The Tarriers" in 1959 won  two gold records and a grammy for dueling Banjos... way back when.. but lately has been playing with Mickey Vandow.  Both are veterans of many decades of the folk revival in many forms.  Mickey recorded a couple of cuts for this show especially, and I asked him to record introductions also as he is an expert of area folklore and orgins of music, which he did and sent  as MP3s.

15. Mickey Vandow - Katey Morey Intro
Mickey Vandow - Katey Morey - single MP3 mailed in
wack fol lathero tathero tay

just the ending bit of ...
Frank Sinatra     "ever since that night, we've been together, lovers at first sight..."
Do BE Do Be Doooo

16. Sons of the Never Wrong - Girl Shanty 340 - Consequence of Speech - Waterbug
Aye uh oh oh, oh aye uh oh aye loy duh duh doy oh, n doe .. loy a bubba dubba dah dwee ta toy da dut do doe

17. John Wesley Harding, Kelly Hogan, Brian Lohmann, Nora O'Connor - Lady dressed in Green 216 - Songs of Misfortune - Appleseed
fair a lare a lye doe

18. Ian and Sylvia - The Greenwood Sidie-o  225  [cruel mother, child ballad #20] - Best of Ian and Sylvia - Vanguard
Onalee and a loanee

19. Finest Kind [Ian Robb, Shelley posen Ann downey]- Gowe Wassail 329 - Lost in a Song
fol di dol al di dol di dol al di dol di dol al di dol di dee... fol de dare all all di dare ee...   sing toora lie doe

20. John Roberts and Tony Barrand -  Old Bangum 317 - Twiddlum Twaddlum - Golden Hind Music
derrum derrum derrum .. killy coe co

Recently Roberts and Barrand stated that the old "lilting" and... 'derry down ' stuff, was old english for 'do wah ditty.'.

21. Manfred Mann - Do Wah Ditty 213
There she was just a walking down the street, singing, "do wah ditty ditty dum ditty doo".

22. Mickey Vandow - Intro To Knickerbocker Line
Mickey vandow - Knickerbocker Line - submitted MP3
[collected from Aaron Van de bogart, George edwards similar to a tisket a tasket, about first trolleys of NYC]
rig jig rig jig skina minka...

23. Peggy Seeger & Ewan MacColl - Hughie Graeme 412- Chorus from the Gallows
"Tay Amarray-o, Londonderry, tay amarray-o Londondee"

24. Roger Miller - Do Wacka Do 147 - All Time Greatest Hits - Mercury
do wacka do wack do wacka do wacka do wack do

25. Kingston Trio - Whistling Gypsy 302- Close Up - Capitol
lah dee do lad dee do dah day

26. Roger Miller - In the Summertime You Dont Want My Love 147 - All Time Greatest Hits - Mercury
do dah dee.....bah do

"Sarasponda, sarasponda, sarasponda, ret-set-set. . ."  was a work song of women spinning, as many songs began with keeping the rhythm of work.

27.Julie Andrews, Dick Van Dyke - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious 230 - Mary Poppins
On the contrary there is a very good word... am I right Bert?

28. Enoch Kent - Tae The Beggin 228 - One More Round - Borealis
lalty tooral lalty tooral ooral aye do

29. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - Scat Like That 407 - Scat Like That - Rounder
"syllables and consanants with rhythms and design your voice becomes an instrament, see if you can follow mine"
bop de da doo  ...zoo zah ...skiddle diddle  fiddle dee dee
dwee oo dwee oo  ...skiddley diddley ee... obey do wah wee wah... etc

30. Sarh Lee Guthrie (W Guthrie)  - Go Waggaloo 331 - Go  Wagaloo - Smithsonian Folkways
ha ha go waggy waggy, hey hey go waggalo

31. Woody Guthrie - Whoopie Ti Yi Yo - Buffalo Skinners - Smithsonian
whoopie ti yi yo...

32. Ariana Gills- Boom dah - Arianna Gillis - Arianna is in the running for best young emerging canadian artist at the Ottawa Canadian Awards.
going boom dah... boom da..... brew down brew down...sing la da da, da da, da da... going la da da da da ooo,

33. Tempest - Whiskey in the Jar - Serrated Edge - Firebird -
musha ring dum do da dah, wack fol the daddy o

34. Debra Cowan - Bullgine Run 255 - Banks of Green Willow -
a hey a hoe  ....   hey rig a jig...  Give me hey rig-a-jig in a low back car,

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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