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Saturday November 7, 2009: New Releases  & Tom Rush calls in

Welcome to the member-funded, hydro-powered, volunteer-run studios of WJFF.  Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow me to continue to volunteer most Saturday mornings with my disability of severe chemical intolerance.   
Folk Plus is a mostly lyrically and theme based show of contemporary singer-songwriters, some older cuts and perhaps a spoken word or broadway entry, all based on a theme.  The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG

Todays show is releases that are new to Folk Plus
Tickets for Tom Rush  Friday November 13th - ticket giveaway

1. Atwater Donnelly - Devils Nine Questions - Weaver's Bonny - Rabbit Island Music
Last week I played nonsense syllable songs, many come from child ballad tradition. Here is child ballad number 1

2.  Jed Marum - Sands of Aberdeen - Sands of Aberdeen - Boston Road Records

3.  Carla Ulbrich - The Scooter Store - Live from Outer Space - Romantic Devil Records

4. Carla Ulbrich - Walmart Comes to Clemson / We Don't Need a Walmart - Live from Outer Space - Romantic Devil Records
Carla e mailed me this intro to her cd intro... lol....."My hometown was in a battle with the big box retailer. They wanted to build in a  residential area. The town thought they should build in a  business district. Around the time this whole topic was its hottest in Clemson, I had a concert scheduled at the Unitarian church there, a split bill with Bob Malone. A few weeks before I was thinking out loud in front of my Dad and I said"I should learns some anti-walmart songs for the concert"  - then i forgot about it. 2 days before the concert my dad says "I've been telling everyone you're doing anti walmart songs at the concert!" Crap! So i stayed up all night writing these lyrics, and had Bob come up with the music. He also gave me the word "labotomy" for the lyrics. I haven't shopped at WalMart since."

5.  Jory Nash - God Don't Know Me Anymore - New Blue Day - Thin Man Records -

6.  DC Anderson - God's Will - Close Companions -

7.  Jude Roberts- Silver Highway - Stained Glass Afterglow-

8.  Beth  DeSombre - Between the White Lines - Crooked Highways -

9. Lucy Kaplansky - Life Thread - single
This was put out for a fragrance line. Oh, Lucy no! Havn't you followed the Univ. of Washington studies

10.  Janet Bates - [D. Carter] Celia Says -  The Little Spinner -

11.  Annie and Rod Capps - [D.Carter] Crocodile Man - My Blue Garden -

12. Chris Smither - [M. Knopfler] Madame Geneva's - Time Stands Still -

13. Al Stewart & Dave Nachmanoff - Old Admirals - Uncorked - Wallaby Trails Recordings

14. Holy Near, Emma's Revolution - Mountain Song - We came to Sing - Calico Tracks Music

15.  Dale Robin - [J Ritchie] One I love - Sweet & salty - Wepecket Island Records

16.  Kevin So - Second to None - Best Foot Forward - WingBone Records

17. Christine Kane - How To Be Real - Wide Awake -

18.  Angelo M.- Every Kind of Blues - SteelWork -

19.  K C Clifford - Johnny Cash - Pocket Full of Hope [live at the blue door] -

At this point a woman called to say horses were running wild in Youngsville and gave a number to help allert their owners. Also at this time the following shift volunteer called about 50 minutes away stuck in traffic. Also at this time Tom Rush called in for our interview.

20.  Tom Rush - [E. Gilkyson] Fall into the Night - What I Know - Appleseed
Tom is playing Bethel Woods [was the real woodstock site] next friday.

During Tom's call we spoke of the Eiza Gilkyson cut, which he loves.  When I pointed out he was in his fifth decade, he seemed taken back, but then realized that fact.  We spoke about the time he takes with his ten year daughter and that he has a new interest in sculpture, for which he wants to "carve out time".

We discussed the huge difference that the internet has played in linking artists straight to their potential audiences.  Ten years ago, he said, without a record contract you didn't exist, now anyone with a laptop, there is access to the audience.  He says he sells his product now at his website eliminating some of the need for publicists, radio contacts, distributers...etc. With a couple of clicks he can check oout old obscure recordings on the web, or new up and coming nobodays.
We spoke of his YouTube clip approaching 4 million plays.

Friday at Bethel Woods they will be creating a coffee house environment tables, desert carts and a coffee house feel. I asked about storytelling abilities and a good performance and he said entertaining is telling a story most of the time. I told him an upcoming theme is "cowboys and outlaws" and suggested I might use his Black Magic Gun may be appropriate and asked llisteners for some other suggestions.  Tom has never been to the area and is looking forward to next friday's show.

21 Tom Rush - What I Know - What I Know - Appleseed

22  David Mallett - North Meets South - Alright Now -

23. Jim Post - Rag Time Love - Reach Out Together -

24. Michael Jerling - Why They Run the Race - Music Here Tonight, Live at Cafe Lena - Fool's Hill Music

25. David Ferrard - SOMonktonhall - Across the Troubled Wave - Alter Road Records -

25. Peggy Seeger - B-Side - Period Pieces: Women's songs for Men and Women - Rykodisc

26.   Oliver Schroer - Field of Stars - Samino De Santiago - Borealis
Since the next DJ was stuck in traffic in Middletown, so I put on this beautiful release to bide the time for him to set up as he rushed in as the hour was changing. Oliver passed away from Leukemia last year, but this release is his wonderful violin in some hallowed spaces. He took recording equipment throughout Spain and France and recorded in churches and other wonderful settings. It is beautiful listening.

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating my health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow me to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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