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Saturday April 3, 2010: Trains

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps spoken word or Broadway tunes, or whatever may be relevant to the theme.  The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG

Angela thanks the staff of WJFF for making it possioble for her to volunteer Saturday mornings by
accommodating her health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment.

1. Eddie From Ohio - The Train Song - Big Noise - VSR
"just another folk song... everybody got a folk song about a train...."

2. Michhael McNevin - Two Feet Ahead of the Train - Sketch - 510 644 9935\
"Happy to be alive, happy to stay two feet ahead of the train"

3. The Roches - The Train - Collected Works of the Roches -
"get me off of this train..."

4. Utah Phillips - Starlight on the Rails - Starlight on the Rails - Daemon Records

5. Robin and Linda Williams - When I Hear that Whistle Blow - Rhythm of Love - Sugar Hill
 "When I hear that whistle blow I think of all the things I did to make you go..."

6. Tamarck - Harvest Train - Fields of Rock and Snow - Folk Era
"Oh my heart, the CPR has taken every good man in Nova Scotia"

7. Gordon Lightfoot - Candian Railroad Trilogy - Complete Greatest Hits - Rhino
"we are the navies who work upon the railway, swinging our hammers in the bright blazing sun... laying down track and bulding the bridges, bending our backs til the railraoad is done"

8. Dave Carter - Hey Conductor - Tanglewood Tree - Signature Sounds
"does this train go to Texas?.....   I got a dime and a dollar"

9. Dave Rawlings - Monkey and the Engineer - Friend of a Friend - Acony
'big locomotive right on time... big locomotive coming down the line"

10. Utah Phillips -  Daddy What's a Train  - Starlight on the Rails - Daemon Record
"my ambition was to be an engineer"

11.  Mary McCaslin - Prairie in  the Sky - Philo
"Ride on the last cannon ball"

12. Doug Spears - Steam Train - Welcome Home - Cypress Moss Records
"From Savannah down to Jacksonville..."

13. Greg Trafidlo- Always a Train/Raiwsed by the Railrod Line - Carved in song - Kira records

14. Kingston Trio - To Morrow - The absolutely the best of... - Fuel Records
"I'd like to Morrow so can i go today?" "YOu can not go to Morrow anymore today...."

15. Albermarle Ramblers - Rueben's Train - Gentleman From Virginia -
"All aboard!"

16. David Grissman & Jerry Garcia - [Cotton} Freight Train - Not For Kids Only -Acoustic Disc
"Freight Train run so fast"

17. Robin and Linda Williams - Freight Train Blues -Robin and Linda Williams, Flashlight FLT 3003, LP (1975)
"when that whistle blows I gotta go..."
18. Johnny Cash - Come Along and Ride This Train - Johnny Cash's America - Columbia
Cross the mountains, prairies, reservations... come along and ride this train"

19. The Gordons - Lincoln's Funeral Train - Our Time - Inside-Out Records
April 21 1865, the 331 left Washington for Lincoln's last train ride.

20. Kate Brislin and Jody Stecher - Orphan Train with Utah Phillips - Orphan Train Intro
Startlight on the Rails - Daemon Records
"the children's home is sending us out on the orphan train..."

21. David Francey - St. Johns Train - Torn Screen Door - Laker music
"you can wait by the rail road there wont be no trains coming and going"

22. Pete Seeger - New River Train - American Favortie Ballads Vol 3 - Smithsonian
"Riding on that new river train"

22. Cosy Sheridan - Little Train that Could - Grand Design - BME records
"good little trains dont say no..."

23. Christine Lavin - Waiting for the B Train - Subway Series -
a true story from the underground at 72nd and Central Park West

24. Chris Thomas King - [Cash] Rock Island Line -  A Tribute to Johnny Cash -
The rock island line running through New Orleans and you pay no toll if you have Livestock on board.

25. Steve Goodman - City Of New Orleans - Essential Steve Goodman - Buddah Records
Running down to New Orleans, changing cars in Memphis Tennessee - through thte Mississippi darkness rolling to the sea...

26. Pete Morton - Another Train [parady] - YELP! - The Mrs Ackroyd Band
a parady on his wonderful thoughtful tune "Another Train" which I played two weeks ago by the Poozies "on the east coast they get envious of snals" ...

27. Utah Phillips - Queen fof the Rails - Starlight on the Rails - Daemon
A railway dog meets it's demise on the rail

28. Utah Phillips -Wabash Cannonball/Tolono - Starlight on the Rails - Daemon
About the last run of the Wabash Cannonball...Iin hobo mytholody its the last train you ride onto the greater... whatever....

29. Roger Miller - Engine Engine #9 - All Time Greatest Hits of Roger Miller - Mercury
"I know she got on in Baltimore"

30. Fred Eaglesmith - I Like Trains - Ralph's last Show - Signature Sounds
"a glimpse of the caboose...."

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating Angle'a health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow her to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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