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Saturday April 24, 2010: Sonny Ochs hosts and Lynn Miles stops by

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps spoken word or Broadway tunes, or whatever may be relevant to the theme.  The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG

Angela thanks the staff of WJFF for making it possioble for her to volunteer Saturday mornings by
accommodating her health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment,

Sonny Ochs was in the area visiting and she picked and hosted todays show. Also, Lynn Miles dropped in. 

Holly Near - Planet Called Home - Edge - Calico Tracks

Pat Humphires -  Buy this American Car - Same Rain - -

Les Barker - Spot of the Antarctic - A Cardi and A Bloke -

Greg Greenway -  The Color Yellow - Standing on the Side of Love -

Cary Cooper - Yellow - Yellow -

Brian Vardigans - Springhill - Springhill -

Maria Dunn - Can you blame the poor minor - We were Good People -

Janet Bates - Canary in a cold mine - Little Spinner -

Kim and Reggie Harris - We Work the Black Seam - Simplicity -

Terri Hendrix - Monopoly - Art of removing Wallpaper - Wilory Records

Moxy Fruvous - Michigan Militian - Live Noise -

Tom Prasada-Roa - Falling Star - Hear You laughing -

Rick Fielding - This one's the Dreamer - This one's the Dreamer -  Borealis

Aengus Finnan - Swing Boys Swing - North Wind - Borealis

Tom Pacheco - There Was  A Time - Best of Tom Pacheco -

Lynn MIles arrived and spoke about her new project called "Black Flowers" where she is recording her repertoire wioth simply guitar and piano and only her voice. She says she drives and thinks, unless its science friday, and she may listen to the radio, but avoids bad radio news, preferring to read. She wrote this driving between LA and Ottawa.

Lynn Miles - Night Drive - Love Sweet Love - True North
Written on that same driving route after blowing a tire in dessert  near a sign that said:
 "do not pick up hitchhikers, federal prison location"

Red Molly - Black Flowers - James - Red House
Appearing at the Walton Theatre tonight and here they cover a song by Lynn.
Lynn Says "I love their version. Go to their show and buy their cd so that I can just collect royalty checks"

Lynn MIles - 1000 Lovers - Love Sweet Love - True North

Lynn spoke about starting a tour with Murray McLaughlan. Then shes on to Ireland, Holland and Paris. Due to some tower testing we were only on the internet at this point and not ont he air. We therefore could allow Lynn to tell a story over th air about Ireland which would not have been ok with the fcc. LOL.
Mariposa is celebrating their 50th anniversary July 17th.
Owen Sound and Ottawa festivals, Shelter Valley Labor Day Weekend

Jack Marks -  Dress Song - Two of Everything
Lynn's friend David Baxter who produced  Justin Rutledge's cd

Lynn Miles - Loneliness - Slightly Haunted - Philo
Lynn said that some folks make bad decisions because they are lonely. This was the first song I ever wrote about this reoccurring theme. Its important to learn how to be alone and learn how to be happy with it . 

Ellen Bukstel - Tikkum olan, repair the world - Daddy Little Girl

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating Angela's health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow her to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings

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