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Saturday May 1, 2010:
We are all Immigrants from somewhere 

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Angela thanks the staff of WJFF for making it possible for her to volunteer Saturday mornings by accommodating her health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment or asking folks to leave the station for the time she is there. .

ITs May Day.  It is the first annual "no phone zone" in your car day, and the anniversary of the celebration of the fight for the 8 hour work day. Many countries call May 1st "labor day" or "international worker day".

Today's Folk Plus focuses on the fact that we are all immigrants from somewhere. Musically exploring" Borders, Immigrant workers and immigration  today on May 1st 2010 - folk plus

We are all immigrants from somewhere.

1. Tom Russell - Patrick Russell 420  - Man from God Knows Where - Hightone Records
"Starvation crept across the land, America's our dream"

2. Debbie Diedrich - Auf wiedersehen/Hamburg 1913  7:19 - Nineyt Miles Out
"not one of you people would have been here to day if it had not been for your grandad and me"

3. John McCutcheon - Immigrant 436 - Supper's on the Table Everybody Come In. - Rounder Heritage
I have left everything I've known... "Give me your tired, dont you know Im weary"
Give me your poor, she's talking to me..."

4. Neil Diamond - They Come to America

5. Joe Crookston - Blue Tatoo 433 - Able Baker, Charlie and Dog -
"I had you and a strong will.... you sailed with me, yI sailed with you and a leather suitcase and this blue tatoo"

6. Eileen McGann - Leaving this Nation 552 - Turn it Around - DaragonWing Music"I can no longer feed myself throgh my own toil"
"I'm leaving this nation, hoping they'll understand the price that I've paid"

7. Chelsea Richardson  - Grace 428 - Shining Alone - Kira Records
"Father pats my head... I know youll miss your Ireland"

8. Lucy Kaplansky - When I Get To the Border 3 - The Tide - Red House
"running away"

9. Si Kahn - Sail Away  254 - Courage - Strictly country
The life of an immigrant laborer

10. Pat Humphries - Hands [Ochs] - Hands - Appleseed
"hands that work to build the land, the labor of the woman and the man, working with their hands"

11. Andrew McKnight - These Shoes 325 - Something Worth Standing For -
" I left my family for this once chance and hope, i have dreams just like you, if I let you walk in these shoes, would you be here"

12. Tom Russell - Whose Gonna Build Your Wall - 
Whose gonna cook your mexican food when your mexican maid is gone... and whose gonna build your wall?"

13. Cliff Eberhardt - Land of the  Free 336- Borders - Red House
"They all pretend we are created the same"

14. Chuck Brodsky - La Migra Viene 406 - Radio - Red House
Migra is slang for immagration folk....

15. David Massengill - Sierra Blanca Massacre - Twilight Taj Mahal - Plump
1987, when the U.S. Border Patrol discovered 18 Mexican immigrants dead in a railcar in Sierra Blanca, Texas.
A survivor told investigators that a smuggler had brought them across the U.S. border, placed them aboard a boxcar and locked the door. "Thye paid a life savings" All this for something like 5 grand for all those lives.

16. Acoustic Blender - Clarita 4 - Crazy Whirled
"awaiting hte husband and the child she left behind"

17. Joe Jencks - Bracero [Ochs] 523- Links in a Chain -
come labor for you mother, for your father and your brother..."

18. Bruce Springstein - [Guthrie] Deportee - Til we outnumber 'em - ritcheous babe
The skyplane caught fire over Los Gatos Canyon, The great ball of fire it shook all our hills
Who are these dear friends who are falling like dry leaves? Radio said, "They are just deportees"

19. Jack Williams -  En La Noche 521 - Walkin' Dreams - Wind River
"Tonight there is no border en la noche el rio grande"

20. David Massengill - My Name Joe 551- Coming up for Air -  Flying Fish
"The owner called immigration... hes an illegal alien"

21. Pat Humphries, Sandy O - If I Give Your Name 5  - One - Big W
"I have no papers, I have no rights... missing you silently....if I give your name will they come after me"

22. Crabtree and Mills - Across the Borderline 414- Flight of Fancey - free and Easy Music
"En la triste oscuridad, hoy tenemos que cruzar"

23. Tom Russell - Stealing Electricity 307 - Love and Fear - Hightone Records
"10,000 volts now hes gone.. a mexican dead on a power line"

24. David Rovics - No one is illegal 442 - Living in These Times -
"open up the borders, tear downt he prison walls, declare that no one is illegal.."

Fade out with May Day...

25. Jack Hardy - May Day 357- Nameless One - Prime CD
"May Day and May Wine and May I please come home"

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating Angela's health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow her to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings


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