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Saturday September 11, 2010:
Reviews of newer releases from Sing Out's Summer 2010 Issue

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Irwin, Silver passed away this week, he was 84, and he died from complications iwth alzheimers. Who is Irwin Silber?
He founded Sing Out Magazine in 1950 with musician Pete Seeger and musicologist Alan Lomax.

Sing Out received the news Thursday that Irwin Silber, the long-time editor of Sing Out!, has passed away the night before, September 8th, t 2:30pm P.S.T.  Current Editor, Mark Moss posted the following note to international folk djs.

"I didn't know Irwin well, having come to Sing Out! almost 15 years after he had moved on, but was a big fan of his work for the first 17 years of the magazine, as well as his work as Executive Secretary of People's Songs from the late 1940s, and his work with Oak Publications during the boom years. It was an honor to have worked with him several times through my editorship and to have shared kudos with him and other Sing Out! editors when Folk Alliance honored Sing Out! with a lifetime achievement award early this decade. (Irwin, Happy Traum, Bob Norman and I accepted the award together, and it was really cool to hear the stories about Sing Out!'s early days and folk music's intertwining with the HUAC - The House Un-American Activities Committee- hearings and more.) Irwin's "Folksingers Wordbook" was something of an inspiration for "Rise Up Singing" ... and there's no question that his impact on the history of our music is immeasurable."

Well this week's show is from Sing Out's summer 2010 issue. Here are some highlighted reviews.

1.  Chieftans featuring Ry Cooder - The Sands of Mexico - San Patricio - Hear Music

2.  Karan Casey  and John Doyle - False Lady - Exiles Return - Compass

3.  Grada - Butcher Boy - Natural Angle - Compass

4. Colcannon - The Hermit - Three Days in May -Oxford Rd

5 Tim Eriksen - I Wish the Wars were all OVer - Soul of The January Hills - Appleseed

6.  Jeremy Kittle - Masy Morning Dew - Chasing Sparks Compass Records

7.  Crooked Still - Sometimes in this Country - Some Strange Country Signature Sounds

8.  Jeni and Billy  - Ballad of Sally Kincaid - Longing for Heaven Jewell Ridge 

9. Red Molly - Poor Boy [Byrd] - James - Red Molly

10  Laurie Lewis - Cool Your Jets - Blossoms - Spruce and Maple Music

11. Red Hen - Both Sides of the Road -  New Old Time - Red Hen records

12.  Carolina Chocolate Drops - Cornbread and Butterbeans -Genuine Negro jig - Nonesuch

13  Steve Gilette - Conversion on 13th Ave - The Man - Compass

14.  Si Kahn - Stones in the Furrow - Courage - Strictly Country

15. Anias Mitchel - Why We Build the Wall [with Greg Brown] - Hadestown - Righteous Babe

16.  Robin Greenstein - Betsy From Pike - Images of Women Vol 2 - Windy

17  Ruth Moody - Never Said Goodbye - The Garden - Red House

18. Ellis Paul - Hurricane Angel - Day After Everthing Changed - Black Wolf

19 Meg Hutchinson - Hard to Change - Living Side - Red House

20 Bonnie Koloc - Both Sides Now {Mitchel} - Beginnings - Mr Biscuit

21 Storyhill - Avalon - Shade of Trees - Red HOuse

22  Carrie Newcomber - If Not Now - Before and After - ROunder

23  Claudia Schmidt and ther Funtet - Tree of Dreams - Promising Sky -

24. James Gordon - Great Duncan Heist - My Stars Your Eyes - Borealis

25.  Tim Grimm - 80 Acres - Farm Songs - Vault

26  Rod MacDonald - I'll Walk in the Highlands - After the War

27  Corolann Solebello - Ties That Bind - Glass of Desire -


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