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Saturday December 4, 2010: Fund Drive

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps spoken word or Broadway tunes, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG 
Today's show was a fund drive, lots of talking.

  Mike Jung - At WJFF
Folk Plus listener sang a ditty to kick off

Girlyman [Doris, Nate and Ty] - On the Air 3:10 - Little Star - Daemon Records
Wishing Doris the best in her current health realities.

Mike Agranoff - Sandman 10:40 - Modern Folk Musician -

James Gordon - Humline Song - Songs from Basic Black - Pipe Street

Hugh Blumenfeld - This Mountain - Mozart's Money - Prime CD

Ellis Paul - Hurricane Angel - 456 - The Day after Everything Changed -

Joe Crookston - Logical Song 459 - Able Baker Charlie and Dog - Milagrito Records

Amelia Curran - Bye Bye Montreal - Hunter Hunter - Six Shooter Records

Lynn Miles - A Thousand Lovers 333 - Volume 1 Black Flowers - True North Records

Jackson Browne w/David Lindley - Sit Down Servant - 404 - Love is Strange - Inside Recordings

Dolly Parton - Fisherman's Song - Boren to the Breed:Tribute to Judy Collins -

Nick Annis - w/Ellen Buskstel - By My Silence - single -

Darryl Purpose - Christmas in the Trenches - 454 - Gift of the Magi - darrylpurpose

Suzanne Vega - Gypsy - Close Up Love Songs

Poozies - Another Train 339 - Raise Your Head [retrospective]

Thanks to staff and station management for accommodating Angela's health issues and maintaining a chemical and fragrance free environment. Complying with these accommodations allow her to continue to volunteer Saturday mornings. Thanks also to John Webber for handling website and recording issues for Folk Plus.


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Thanks to all  those understanding my health challenges with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities   

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