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Folk Plus: April 16, 2011

Welcome to Folk Plus.  [I prerecord now, so have left my talking to see how that goes... ]  Today's kick off tune is for those of you feeling the need for a pep talk, a push to change what has been to waht could be... The singer is Eileen McGann and the song isTturn it Around. Eileen uses the metaphor of a kaleidoscope wand and changing the view by your own hand. And i'm following Eileen's song about saving yourself, to Keiran kane and kevin Welch doing You cant save everybody. Welcome to folk plus.

Turn It Around    6:14      Eileen McGann    Turn It Around   - Dragonwing           

You Can't Save Everybody    3:14       Kieran Kane & Kevin Welch    You Can't Save Everybody     

Up next the great duo of Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer from Drum Hat Buddha. July 2002 we lost Dave to a massive heart attack right after jogging. They were on tour in Mass.  Carter was described as a genious writer by many including Joan Baez who was covering a couple of his songs, and invited the duo to open for her on tour.

Tillman Co.    3:26        Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer    Drum Hat Buddha      

Lucky Man Introduction (Live)    0:50       David Francey    The First Set      

Lucky Man (Live)    3:46     David Francey    The First Set    

CrookstonID-NERFA2007    0:11        Artist    Album     

Good Luck John    3:43        Joe Crookston    Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee 

You heard Canada's David Francey doing Lucky Man, with an intro about his wife Beth. Then you heard another Lucky tune - Good Luck John from Joe Crookstons' newest release.  Here's antoehr John cut, its done by Garnet Rogers and I'm following that with his brother Stan's release Free in the Harbour from the new release Very Best of Stan Rogers, put out by his widow Ariel. 

John O'Dreams    4:09       Garnet Rogers    The Outside Track           

Free in the Harbour    3:56    Stan Rogers    The Very Best of Stan Rogers              

Il N'y A Qu'un Seul Dieu    3:11        Les Charbonniers De L'enfer    WÔ            

THat was Les Charbonniers De L'enfer doing Il Nya qu un sel dieu -- sort of like partridge in a pair tree, but not about christmas,and in french.   Up next are two new voices to folk plus... Seth Glier who I'm finding an interesting writer, and Alicia McGovern with a very unique voice, also an interesting writer. See what you think. Seth Glier and Alicia McGovern.

The Next Right Thing    1:54        Seth Glier    The Next Right Thing     

So Many Songs    3:19      Alicia McGovern    Words Through The Seasons  

This weather has folks beginning their home fixing up lists.. and here is Nick Annis with a funny ditty about who to call.

Think of Me    2:36        Nick Annis    Apples & Oranges        

Dunne's Department Store    2:43       Rebel Voices    Warning Women At Work         

Bay of Biscay    5:06       Matt & Shannon Heaton    Lover's Well   
This is hydro powered public radio in the catskills. Im angela page and the show is folk plus. I can be reached at folk plus at g mail dot com for details and connections to perfomers and releases.  Up next are a couple of folks who studied at the new england conservatory of music... Sisters Ari and Mia Friedman and  then Sarah jarosz.

North    3:31      Ari & Mia    Unruly Heart       

Tell Me True    4:08        Sarah Jarosz    Song Up In Her Head   - Sugar Hill 

 Sarah's writing has drawn attn since the age of 10. She was nominated for a grammy while a teenager. Sarah and the Friedman girls record toghether.
Mouse's Dream    2:00    3/2/11 1:41 PM    Cindy Kallet    Dreaming Down a Quiet Line          
Fade out.....

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