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Folk Plus Setlist for June 4, 2011:
Songs with Requests or Advise

John Wort Hannam    Come Back To Me    4:02    Queen's Hotel
Appearing June 10th at 7:30 pm  w/ Scott Duncan - Empire State Railway Museum
70 Lower High StreetPhoenicia, NY - Info: Flying Cat Music Series

On to some other requests starting with Carla Ulbrich who is too smitten with a guy, which wasnt in her plans, so she asks him to do something stupid like her other dates would do, so she could find him distasteful and get over him.  Requests and advise in the songs of todays Folk Plus.

Carla Ulbrich    Please Do Something Stupid    3:48    Her Fabulous Debut

Naomi Sommers    Come Home    3:37    Hypnotized

Arlon Bennett    Be The Change (Acoustic)    3:35    Summer's Voice

Back Intro.  My name is angela page and im doing songs that have requests or advise in song  by those in the folk indie world.

Cheryl Wheeler    Don't Forget The Guns    3:42    Driving Home

The Honey Dewdrops    Don't Leave Me Here    3:46    If the Sun Will Shine

Diana Jones    Don't Forget Me (Album)    3:53    High Atmosphere

Back Intro. Up next is the young grammy nominee Sarah Jarosz, plalying here with Tim O'Brien.

ah Jarosz    Come On Up To The House    4:28    Song Up In Her Head

David Roth    Don't Should on Me    3:26    Rising In Love

Joe Crookston    dont go frackin  [Lisa Wright]   3:11    single

Moving into the relm of advise now - christine lavin and the chenille sisters have some advise for dating,  laurie lewis about slowing your pace down, and jack hardy about general approach to not accepting things without asking questions.

Christine Lavin    Don't Ever Call Your Sweetheart by His Name    2:22    Fast Folk (Disc 1)

Laurie Lewis    Cool Your Jets    2:24    Blossoms

Jack Hardy    Ask Questions    4:26    Rye Grass

The Chenille Sisters    Sally's Advice    3:21    Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm

Back intro.
Going out with Harry Chapin and two requests back and forth between a couple hoping the other will succumb to moving, the famous Please come to boston followed by grammy winners robert plant and alison Krauss asking "please read the letter"

Harry Chapin    Please Come To Boston    4:11    The Good Side of Tomorrow: 1971-1984:

Alison Krauss/Robert Plant    Please Read the Letter    5:55    Raising Sand

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