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Folk Plus Saturday July 2, 2011:
13 years ago ... plus

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps a spoken word or a Broadway tune, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be. Log onto the website above and listen when you'll be near your computer for listening.

Heads up musical note:John Hammond is in Piermont, NY tonight at the turning point

Dianna Jones at the Rosendale Cafe in Rosendale, NY next Saturday

Ive been on the air here since 1993. Among the songs I played for the fourth of July weekend 13 years ago- youll hear about 6 of those choices and see how you think they stand the test of time.  Then well hear some folk in the news I like to call blending the week's news with contemporary folk. But first, it IS the july fourth weekend, people are travelling and Im starting off with Girlyman and Amaze Me.  Girlyman, is terrific harmony trio of roommates from NYC. On ther website have posted that they do in fact like pina coladas and have posted a recipe for you to like them too.

Girlyman    Amaze Me    4:15    Remember Who I Am - Clever Shark Rec
Abi Tapia    Another State Line    4:51    The Beauty in the Rain -

That was Abi Tapia, on this weekend of travel, singing about being taught to be on the road, by her mom. Whcih brings up the idea of going home. First we will hear Kat eggleston teasing us with the idea, and for some in may not be such a great invite - andt hen Ian Tamblyn will give light on the reality of going back to someplace and being really shaken by the inability to belong.  Here are Home, and Tiger Lily Road.

Kat Eggleston  -  Home    3:17  -  Speak - Waterbug
would you go back home to the time to when the "kitchen table level with your chin"

Ian Tamblyn -   Tiger Lily Road    7:43 -  Voice In The Wilderness
"the past cannot be found on Tiger Lily Road"

Ok, what is the summer without some baseball story. Just ahead Chuck Brodsky shares that Richie Allen from Phillies was a favorite of his when he was a boy in Philadelphia.
And explains how Ritchie was booed on the field. He tells the story of how Frank Thomas and Ritchie Allen fought before fans on the field. Fans were divided on the fight's cause. When fans booed him, Ritchie would draw letters in the dirt of the field to communicate wtih the fans - hence the title of Chuck's cd "letters in the dirt".   Chuck Brodsky just edges out Michael McNevin in my scorecard for good baseball songs.  Here's Chuck.

Chuck Brodsky    Intro to Letters in the Dirt    2:47    Two Sets - Set Two
Chuck Brodsky    Letters In The Dirt    6:27    Two Sets - Set Two
Chuck was able to get a copy of the song to Richie.

Ok, so folk in the news.... Marvel Comic Superhero - Spiderman - has opened AGAIN on Broadway.
began previews in November 2010  with 182 preview nights before its official opening. Five people have been injured during it's run so far. Its the most expensive production ever on Broadway, costing about 1.2 million weekly. The rock musical 's music and lyrics are by U2's Bono- but here is the currently disbanded group Moxy Fruvous with Spiderman from their cd Bargainville.

Moxy Früvous    Spiderman    1:48    Bargainville - Atlantic

Tom Petty's I Wont Back Down was used in 2000 by Bush for his campaing.... in the news this week is that Tom Petty's 1977 hit American girl is being used at rally's for Michelle Bachmann.  Petty's people have told  Bachmann's campaign to remove his song American Girl from her use, just as they did with Bush in 2000.

Background:     Tom Petty - I Won 39t Back Down    2:51   
                         Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers - American Girl    4:02   

I think Michelle could turn to the folk world for a possible campaign song - I'd like to suggest one from a writer I knew in the early 80s in the greenwhich village scene - His name is  Bill Bachmann. His song  B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N might be a possible campaign song for her, since Tom Petty has expressed his displeasure with the choice of his American Girl.

Bill Bachmann    B-A-C-H-M-A-N-N    3:10    Folk-n-Roller
"please don't leave.... the last n off my last name"

So 1998 for the July fourth weekend, I played these songs, lets see how they stand up.

Back when you had to listen in real time to catch certain DJs, Dar was listening to 93.9 The River to hear Jimmy Olsen, Johnny Memphis, [aka Rohn Riley]
She lived in Northampton Mass. Dar would listen late at night to the eclectic mix of  "Underdogs who turn the tables, indie versus major labels... madmen poets, vinyl vision grungy bands."  93.9 WRSI The River, is still a local progressive radio station which has been on the air over 30 years now. Memphis is still there.  Hearing this lets listeners feel the solidarity in others loving the music you love.

Dar Williams    Are You Out There    3:05    End Of The Summer - Razor and Tie

Lynn Miles    It'll Be Here    5:16    Chalk This One Up To The Moon -
"I m living on faith and faith alone"

Lynn began her life outside of Montreal but moved to Ottawa teaching at the Ottawa Folklore center, lived there in LA and in Nashville. This was her first real CD after a demo cassette and then up to her 9th relase - Fall For Beauty. She appeared last year in our area in Yulan, NY at the NACL Theater and has been a guest on Folk Pus more than once.

Nancy White    The Children's Entertainer    4:04    Momnipotent: Songs for Weary Parents
About that moment when Daddy comes home and you have had only four hours sleep tending for your newborn.  "..his nerves might be a little frayed but hes not in my league"

Suzzy Roche    Holy Smokes    3:17    Holy Smokes -  Red House
This album came out when Suzzy lost her beloved dad, Jack Roche.

David Wilcox    East Asheville Hardware    2:20    East Asheville Hardware [Live] - Koch / Fresh Baked Records-

A theme song for keeping the little guy in business, the family shops, by going for quality at a fair price - around here that would be like Flower Power instead of Flieshmans, Kirst instad of Staples and the liberty diner over macdonalds.

Tim Harrison   -  Not For The Love Of The Money    7:53    Bridges - Take Note Promotion  fade out.....

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