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Folk Plus: July 16, 2011: Heads up for Falcon Ridge next week!

Welcome to my folk/contemporary and traditional music hour Im Angela Page. The wjff website will keep this show on the archive for about two weeks, and you can listen to it there. 

GOt some free download information for you today, and some highlights on seeing some great artists

Red House record website is offering a free download. Robin and LInda williams, have a new release coming out about  Stonewall Jackson. The Anniversary of battle of bull run, july 21, 1861 is coming up.  This married bluegrass dynamo are joined by their buddy garrison Keillor on thier newest - they have appeared on Prarie home companion with Keillor many times. So if youre a prarie home fan, you should check out Red House records on the web.


Before I begin playing artists who will be at the Falcon Ridge Folk festival, I want to highlight some other artistis.. Tonight you can see Paul Geremia at the Towne Crier in Pawling -

Paul Geremia in background - When I Woke Up This Morning She Was Gone....


and you can see Pete Heitman and Karen Savoca right in our area at the Cartskill Distilling company on route 17 B in Bethel.
This duo have performed several times for WJFF events and they will be appearing locally hosted by Riverfolk, and portions of the proceeds benefit the Delaware Valley Arts Allicance and wjff. Call 252 6783

Greg Brown Folk Plus ID

Its the weekend before , next weekend, of Falcon Ridge. And if you think you will definately be camping - get on  e mail or a buddies and e mail me at Folk Plus at g mail dot come and tell me that youve never been ever, or why you should get a pair of wkd camping tickets. These are 130 a person to camp all wkd, so this is a 260 dollar value to a lucky listener who can e mail me with their request. I will e mail you back on satruday night with a response. Folk Plus at g mail for camping tickets.  Falcon Ridge is about 2 or 3 hours from this area, where NY and Mass and Ct meet, southest of albany...

So if you are going to falcon ridge, todays show will be a teaser or intro of sorts,a nd if you're not, it will be a great hour of listening.
 for a saturday afternoon or whever you're listening on the download.  Kicking off today -  Greg Brown

Greg Brown  -  Who Woulda Thunk It?    4:33    In The Dark With You

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer  -  The Mountain    3:40 -   Tanglewood Tree- Signature Sounds

Brother Sun  -  Love Is The Water    2:45  -  Brother Sun -

Three great cuts there and seven great artists.. six will be at Falcon Ridge.

Here is a new voice from the New York area, who is a featured young addition to the festival this year....

Seth Glier    Walk Katie Home    3:43    The Next Right Thing

Buskin & Batteau    Stop Listening    3:59    Red Shoes & Golden Hearts

Susan Werner    Help Somebody

All three of the former acts will be at Falcon Ridge this year.

 I asked Mary Gauthier what she'd like played today and what she would want to say about it.It's the story of a rotating group of fellows who live under the Cow Key Bridge in Key West Florida."Let's see...would you play  Christmas in Paradise from Filth and Fire? 
I met them one Christmas Day a while back. They're living off the fat of the land..."

Mary Gauthier    Christmas In Paradise    4:51    Filth & Fire- Signature Sounds

I spoke earlier about red house records offering some free downloads... this is what npr said about them and the  trio on their roster :

Red Horse    Red Horse Interview NPR       NPR

Red Horse    I Am a Child (feat. Eliza Gilkyson & John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky)    3:27    Red Horse- Red House

Lucy Kaplanski was a third of Red Horse.  She will be part of a workshop stage on saturday 23rd honoring the work and life of Jack Hardy. This is a massive festival and Jack, as you might know, had a wkd home here in Callicoon - as well as his main place of 36 years in the village in NYC.  At the festival, Lucy will be performing Hardy's Forget Me Not...

 Lucy Kaplansky - Forget Me Not   3:49   

 Red Molly - Prisioner    4:33   

Two of the groups  who will be playing the Jack Hardy  workshop they are calling the Tinkers Coin next saturday at the falcon ridge Folk Festival in Hillsdale ny.

Here is Mary Chapin Carpenter who will be attending on Sunday.

Mary Chapin Carpenter  -  Passionate Kisses [by Lucina Williams]   3:23    Come On Come On - Columbia
Lucinda sent some of her music to Jack and wrote "To Jack Hardy, who has written some of the best songs I've ever heard"

 David Massengill - Tree of Rhyme     3:45   

David and his late friend jack were writing buddies for over 35 years... here is what Jack said about writing...

The only thing that makes you a songwriter is writing songs. And writing songs. And writing songs. Just write. Write now, judge later. Finish the song, even if you suspect that it is no good. Finish it. Plug ahead. Even if it is only a half-baked idea got on the subway or in the car on the way to your weekly songwriting meeting, go with it. Finish it. Even if you wake up in the middle of the night and have an idea, write it. Sort it out later.
.....Have faith in yourself, in your creative process, not in your critical process. No one ever wrote a song or improved their songwriting by having an opinion on their own song or someone else’s song. The only way to improve is to write.

Here is John Gorka. At the festival he will be singing Potter's Field, but here he is doing Down where the rabbits run.

John Gorka   [Hardy]  - Down Where the Rabbits Run    3:40   

Going out, with a lively awesome bluegrass band as a segue into jambalaya today is the great group

Frank Solivan And Dirty Kitchen  -  Driftin' Apart    3:19   - Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen

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