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Folk Plus: July 23 2011

Today's Folk Plus presented a part repeat treat for area listeners.  Answering a plea for a week of respit when I was so ill seven years ago was this show from  Rich Warren of WFMT in Chicago. I was madly preparing for Falcon Ridge and could not do the usual dozen hours it takes for me to do my show from home.  I aired a portion of that show that Rich so helfully prepared, and I added a tag of my own to promo Karen and Pete coming locally.
This was somewhat like having an amazing meal, and not having to cook.

Thanks Rich!

1. Rick Fielding - Off to School Once More - Acoustic Workshop - Borealis

2. Mike Agranoff: The Modern Folk Musician (Gilbert-Sullivan/Agranoff) Agranoff BFD102C

3. David Buskin & Co.: A Folksinger Earns Every Dime Big Times In a Small Town - The Vineyard Tapes Philo CDPH 1155

4.John Hasbrouk: Ebenezer's Lower Manhattan Walking Tour Some These Days Ruthless Rabbit RRR1964

5. Dave Frishberg: Do You Miss New York Do You Miss New York? Live Jazz At Lincoln Center Arbors ARCD 19291

6. Ekstrom & Quinn: Give Me Back the Old New York Front Page Follies self

7. Tom Rush - Ladies Love Outlaws 
No Regrets: Best of Tom Rush - Columbia Legacy

8. Mary McCaslin (w/ Ringer) - The Ballad of Weaverville 
Way Out West - Philo

9. Paul Geremia - Frankie 
Love Murder and Mosquitos - Red House

10. Pat Humphries & Sandy O (Emma's Revolution): I Will Be With You (Humphries) One Big W MFM3413

11. Nancy White- Daughter's of Feminists - Momnipotent - Chidren's Group

12. Christine Lavin - Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best -
Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best - Appleseed

13.Tom Lehrer: Oedipus Rex The Remains of Tom Lehrer Warner Rhino R2 79831

14 Karen Savoca w/Pete Heitzman, Greg Brown and Garnet Rogers - Between Girl and Gone  [In our area tonight.]

Pete Heitman and Karn Savoca will be at the Catskill distillery on route 17 in Bethel. YEs Bethel, the real home of the woodstock 69 festival. The disileray is being the dancing cat saloon there near the entrance to bethel woods fields.  At the distery you see the performers singing in front of hte huge vats there used to make the beer.  Pretty unique. Karen a nd Pete are comming to the area care of Jills Kitchena nd Riverfolk concert series. For more info 845  252 6783

Karena nd Pete tour at times with Greg Brown and with Garnet rogers, in fact the four put out a release called Live at the Black Sheep, from the Black sheep club in Quebec.

Folk News

The DVD of the film about Phil Ochs called  "There But For Fortune" (from First Run Features) is out. It was released last Tuesday  (7/19).

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