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Folk Plus Saturday August 6, 2011
Outlaws and Gamblers

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps a spoken word or a Broadway tune, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be. Log onto the website above and listen when you'll be near your computer for listening.

There was a fund drive last week, but they seemed to run right over my show. I was sort of disappointed and felt that it would be confusing for folks who listen for me at 2, especially since my time has changed and theres been little follow up to reinforce that. I had prepared several spots for them to pitch around and offered many a cd donated by great artists - everyones loss this time around.

On to this week:

Mary McCaslin - Ballad of Weaverville 354 - Prairie in the Sky - Philo
"I'll tell you 'bout a gambler folks, Jim Weaver was his name, ride in here close beside me, I'll telll you about a game"
"If he won they'd have to swear to give the town his name"

 Ellis Paul - Bad Bad Blood 438 - American Jukebox Fables - Philo
"Parker's in disguise with a loaded 45, wearing a mask of Ronald Reagon... cops are in the parking lot waiting"

 Rodney Crowel - Highway 17 454 - Houston Kid
After coming out of jail, he heads to find the money buried in a hole on Highway 17

 Jory Nash - Charlie 354 - New Blue Day
"20,000 dollars in my gunny sack....buried 50 miles away"
"Bless the holy gambler who cannot pay.."

Phil Harris   - Darktown Poker Club    3:00   
"put up your chips...keep your hands up please
if I keep him cheating just one more time...."
Darryl Purpose - Dangerous Game 407 - Same River Twice -
Before touring with music. Darryl was a professional Black Jack player, one of the best ever. This song takes us to one dangerous game he played and some other dangerous places. 

Kingston Trio  - This Train Don't Carry No Gamblers  1:48    Once Upon a Time - Collector's Choice
I am a rovin' gambler.... whenever I see a deck of cards I lay my money down"

Tom Russell with Eliza Gilkyson & Joe Ely - Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts 944 - Indians Cowboys Horses Dogs - Hightone Records
"Lily called another bet and she drew up the jack of hearts"

 Joni Mitchell  - [J Phillips] Me And My Uncle    2:42
My uncle taught me well boys, I grabbed the gold, and left him bleeding by the side of the road. [turn your head from the radio]

 David Massengill - On the Road to Fairfax County 444- Coming Up For Air
"Once I loved an outlaw, he came and stole my heart" A caller said there are only a few perfect songs, this is one.

Townes Van Zandt - Poncho and Lefty 338 - Singer Songwriter -
"Poncho was a bandit boys.... wore his gun outside his pants for all the honest world to feel"

Connie Dover -  Ned of the Hill  721 - If I Ever Return - Taylor Park Music
Considered by the British as an outlaw, Ryan was housed on the run by those who didn't agree.

Anne Murray  - Son of a Gambler   -  3:06 
Will he be the son of his father the teacher of love and honest, or the son of a run of the mill, rotten gambler?  

Kingston Trio - Tijuana Jail 250 [Thompson] - Absolutely the Best of ...EMI
"we ended up in hte gambling spot...where the liquor flowed and the dice were hot"

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