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Folk Plus Saturday August 20, 2011
Canadian Festivals make a playlist

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters often with a theme.  In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be.  Log onto the website above and listen when you want radio.

The artists you hear this hour, all share the fact that they were booked for the 2011 ottawa folk festival so this should make great listening.  If you ever wanna check out the festival in person, The ottawa folk festival usually  happens the third wkd in august and is at a beautfiul park  by the water in the exciting town that's canadas capital.  Ottawa. The festival is at 

Lynn Miles    Anywhere    3:06    Night In A Strange Town
 Canadian writer, singer, teacher extraordinaire. 

Later in the show Ill be airing artists who shared appearing at the Sherlter Valley festival which happens around labor day each year in Grafton Ontario.   Here is Serena Ryder...

Serena Ryder    Sweeping The Ashes (Album Version)    4:44    Is It O.K
Catherine MacLellan    Keep On Fighting    5:20    Silhouette- True North Records
Lynne Hanson    Here We Go Again    4:14    Once The Sun Goes Down-
Madison Violet    The Ransom    3:38    No Fool For Trying- True North Records

Five canadian ladies there.   Again a great setlist of talents, but all these artists have in common, an appearance at the 2011 ottawa folk festival.
Serena ryder, in 2008 was named new artist of the year at Canada's Juno's. These are the awards that the canadian recording music industry awardsAvril Lavigne  won this title just 5 years earlier.  You heard Catherine Maclellan on True North, a steller cnadian label doing OKeep on Fighting" from her release Siloutte.
You heard Lynne Hanson, who has several releases out since 2006. She sang "Here we go again" from Once the sun goes down
You heard Brenley MacEachern/Lisa MacIsaac - a duo who call themselves Madison Violet who were in the area for the north east regional folk alliance last year. These two singers who were a couple. They're not now, but still sing togetehr sort of like Lou and Peter Berryman, who were married, but now to other people, prefering a touring and singing relationship.

Onto some artists  from the United States appearing at the Ottawa festival, first up Steve Earle.

Steve Earle    This City    2:12  - This City 
Anais Mitchell    Cosmic American    3:41    Hymns For The Exiled- Waterbug
Levon Helm    The Mountain    3:36    Dirt Farmer- Vanguard

Levon Helm there with The Mountain A grammy winner for bests traditional folk album perhaps awarded more for lifetime achievement in my opinion rather than true best folk traditional album.  In our area over the years, we have had the good fortune to see the great talent of karen s and Pete Heitzman and here they are doing "Without Me. " They will be at Shelter Valley Festival around Labor Day.... with a "u" "Labour" Day in Canada.

      Savoca, Karen   
Without Me    3:57   - Promise- Alcove Recordings  

    The Little Stevies - Come To Miss You Official Clip    3:48   

The little steveies are Australias new sensation and busy this summer playing both summerfolk august 20th and the Ottawa Folk Festival.  Playing both the Shelter Valley festival two weeks after Summerfolk are both Ron Hynes and Vance Gilbert; they should be good buddies by then. 

The Shelter Valley festival happens first wkd in september in Grafton Ontario. Head up to Canada the kingston way and cut west along the lake.  in Grafton, Ontario

The weekend before is Summerfolk, so no matter what august week you plan a canadain trip, you can catch some amazing folk festivals iwth great artisan booths and food.

Ron Hynes    Love and Hunger 2:47    Stealing Genius- Borealis
Vance Gilbert WJFF Promo    0:13   
Vance Gilbert    Son Of Someones Son    5:16    One Thru Fourteen -  dissimy Music -
Chic Gamine    J'attends (Que Tu Sois Là)    3:36    City, City

All these artists have in common, an appearance at the 2011 shelter valley folk festival
You just heard...chic gamine, 5 friends from Montreal, with "J'attend" from their release City, City (Juno nominated for Roots/Traditional Album of 2011)their website suggests you call them " pop-vox’n’roll, or something. "

Eliza Gilkyson    Slouching Towards Bethlehem    4:09    Roses at the End of Time - Red House

    Elizas newest releas. She's a busy woman touring with Red Horse and doing her solo gigging. Ending up with guitar builder extroardinare grit laskin, didnt want to mention that as it shouldn't override his punny lyrics and his great tradiational playing. Again these artists today were playing either the Ottawa folk festival or appearing at the Shelter Valley festival labor day 2011

Grit Laskin Slowpoke/The Reversible Polka    2:39   - Unabashedly Folk, [Disc 2] (Lila's Jig)- Borealis 

Kate Campbell comments on using the archive pag  to listen to Folk Plus   0:16   

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