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Folk Plus Saturday August 27, 2011: Nerfa goers

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps a spoken word or a Broadway tune, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be. Log onto the website above and listen when you'll be near your computer for listening.

The folks on today's playlist have sent in their songs for submission to the North East Regional Folk Alliance. [NERFA] This conference happens close to this area.   In the past, several Folk Plus fans, registered for the conference as audience, hoping to learn about some new artists.   Here is just a slice of what you may be hearing should you attend this year.

Beth Wood  -  The New Kid    - THe Weather Inside
Frankenpine  -  Texas Outlaw  -  The Crooked Mountain
Brad Yoder  -  Splinters    
Brooker & Bullen -   The Snake  -  Reciprocity
Dave Potts  -  Meteor Shower    - 12.99
Heidi Winzinger  -  Killer  -  Honeysuckle Dream
C Daniel Boling  -  Never Speak to me again like that   
R J Cowdery   - Not Going Home  - In This Light - 
Jay Aymar  -  I Really Don't Remember  -  Passing Through
Paul Sachs  -  Dirty Trucks    - Oil Town -
Jadea Kelly  -  Elevator  -  Eastbound Platform
Robert Bobby Trio  -  Brief History of Time    -
Squid Jiggers  -  The Liar    - Greatest Hits

Beth Wood
Following her determined dreams of becoming a musician, a baker, or a cowgirl, Beth left west Texas to study voice and piano at Brevard College in North Carolina. A detour from her classical studies led her to Austin, where she picked up a degree in literature and a guitar. Beth began writing her own songs and quickly discovered musical freedom that she has been hooked on ever since. Fifteen years, thousands of shows, nine albums, three cars, and numerous awards later, Beth now lives in Eurogene Oregon.

is a Brooklyn-based string band - mining bluegrass, rock, folk and country with banjo, fiddle, resonator and acoustic guitars, mandolin, bass, and accordion
Formed as a trio in 2007, Frankenpine has grown to include Kim and Matthew Chase, Liz Bisbee, Ned P. Rauch, and Colin DeHond.  They have appeared on WNYC, WKCR (Columbia University’s radio station)  North Country Public Radio and perform regularly in New York City and around the North East.  With four regular singers—two girls, two guys—the band’s words, stories    “What they play is the future of bluegrass, not the past.” -Lucid Culture

Brad Yoder
performs solo, or as a duo with bassist/mandolinist Jason Rafalak. He s also know for accompaniment with soprano saxophone which he did most recently at the Kerrville and Falcon Ridge Folk Festivals. NPR's "Car Talk," the ABC Family Network's "Beautiful People," the "Dawson's Creek"

Brooker and Bullen 
Richard Brooker and Elena Bullen are an acoustic guitar-based, singer/songwriter duo currently living in Wilton CT.   Their style ranges from folk, blues, Celtic, bluegrass and Brazilian. They love to harmonize though Elena does most of the singing.   Richard’s fingerstyle guitar playing is often complimented by Elena’s addition of small percussion and stringed instruments. This past Spring they performed in Ireland - Dublin, Galway, Cork and Kilkee.

Dave Potts
was born and raised in the shadow of the Rocky Mountains. He spent several years living out of the back of his dusty red pickup truck, typically logging over 50,000 miles a year honing his skills as musician and performer in coffee houses and college bars from coast- to-coast. In 1996, Dave stumbled across the picturesque town of Auburn, Alabama which he now calls his home.  His 8-year old daughter once called him the best male singer in the history of the world, and second overall to Hannah Montana.

Heidi Winzinger
Heidi is a fierce animal rights advocate and promoter of people becoming acutely aware of where their food comes from.
She grew up on the edge of the great New Jersey Pine Barrens, home of the Jersey Devil and  her next CD is focusing on local history, stories of the fabled Pine Barrens and other New Jersey curiosities.  Heidi loves farm work, which led her to study agriculture with an eye on having a farm of her own someday.    “My dream would be to operate a small farm of my own and write songs, touring in the winters and farming in the growing season”. She now works preserving farmland for the State of New Jersey and finds time for writing, recording and performing her music every chance she gets.   Heidi’s first CD  was “Snow Day” includes an assortment of hard folk rock tunes  and her new CD “Honeysuckle Dream”, released February 2011

C. Daniel Boling
is a songwriter with a storyteller. In this cut he sings about a comment his mother made to him, yet he uses his father as the one delivering the request.
Daniel has released five independent albums since 1999. His songs have been featured on NPR's "Car Talk", the Dr. Demento Show. 

R.J. Cowdery
turned to music full time after years of working in health care.  Rj’s been making up for lost time ever since by racking up some major songwriting awards. Rj continues to impress, gathering new fans from folk festivals and house concerts across the country. She is touring in support of her new CD “In This Light.”
Award winning songwriter Joe Crookston says:  'There is no possible way to listen to Rj Cowdery’s music and not feel deeply. The tone of her voice, the clarity of her guitar and spot on emotive lyrics plumb the depths of human hope and struggle. These are not just songs, they are arrows shot directly to center of the heart.”

Paul Sachs
was born and raised on New York City’s Lower East Side. Paul was a member of the jack hardy songwriting circle, which still meets under his name, even though Jack passed away earlier this year.  Many compare him to Springstein or Harry Chapan.  In 2009 Paul rleased The Refuge, and  just this monday will release his new cd “Oil Town” You heard “Dirty Trucks” Mexico’s drug trade is seen through the eyes of a trucker who, despite trying to live life by the rules is forced into something he can’t get out of - shipping heroin for money.  Acoustic Live newsletter writes about his big voice and" tales of working class desperation in these times of corporate takeover. This new effort marks the emergence of an important voice in the genre of social commentary folk music.

Jay Aymar
promo reads pure Canadian with geographic references saying he is both a storyteller and singer. You could be in a bar on Toronto’s Danforth Avenue, or a hotel in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, or someone’s living room in Morden, Manitoba. Could be at a festival in British Columbia, or a coffee house in New Brunswick, or a tavern in Tobermory. This man’s the real deal. No pretension, no airs, as plain as a Tim Horton’s double-double and as straight at the highway between Regina and Calgary.

Jadea Kelly
released her first CD, Second Spring, in 2008 and won “Best Country” honors at the Toronto Independent Music Awards. Her second album, Eastbound Platform 2010, earned a nomination for New/Emerging Artist of the Year by the CFMA (Canadian Folk Music Awards).  Shes young but has completed two Cross Canada Tours, took part in a CBC LIVE recorded performance at the Stewart Park Folk Festival and has toured the U.S and Netherlands extensively.

 Robert Bobby
was born in Philadelphia and grew up in the suburb of Newtown Square.    In high school he often frequented The Main Point folk club, getting to hear people like Dave Van Ronk, Chris Smither, Tom Rush, Tim Buckley, Steve Goodman, Muddy Waters and many more.    After attending college at Franklin & Marshall in Lancaster, PA, Robert Bobby formed a rock and rhythm & blues band named The Speedboys who released two albums.  2008 heralded the arrival of the newest Robert Bobby cd "MEET ROBERT BOBBY' a collection of 17 classic Robert Bobby originals . Over the last several years, Robert Bobby has released his cd’s F*U*B*A*R and S*N*A*F*U  & TODAY! He is a witty writer.

The Squid Jiggers
are Maine-based folk duo comprised of inveterate musician- entertainers, Dave Rowe and Troy R. Bennett.


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