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Angela Page has presented roots and folk music in colleges, coffee houses, Greenwich Village and in print media since the mid seventies. She's been airing artists on these airwaves since 1993. 
She records Folk Plus from her home weekly, due to her extreme chemical sensitivities. It airs live at Hydro Powered Public radio WJFF at 2pm on Saturdays.
It is what she considers the best in older and contemporary folk, spoken work, Broadway tunes, or whatever fits the show's theme. 
The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG 
Archived shows stay on the website for two weeks following the shows at this link:
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Saturday October 22, 2011: New releases and some bullys

Wild Carrot & The Roots Band    Intro / Pan American Boogie    3:08    Crowd Around The Mic- Blue Jordan Rec.

David Francey    Pretty Jackals    2:19    Late Edition-

Cosy Sheridan    Higher Financial Reform    2:44    The Horse King- Waterbug

Tom Russell    Mesabi    4:06    Mesabi

Heather Katz    No Call For Mercy    3:45    Tell Mama-

Chuck Brodsky    Roberto    3:39    Subtotal Eclipse-

Tom Shults    Hallelujah I'm A Bum    3:30    Long Gone: Utah Remembers Bruce "Utah" Phillips- Waterbug
Sonny Ochs on Sonia's new Phil cd    0:38   

Disappear Fear    I've Had Her/Becuase The Night..    7:37    Get Your Phil- disappear rec.

Rob Lytle    Like You Do    3:05    You. Must. Stop- Heart and Hope Music

Spuyten Duyvil    Judge Not    4:15    New Amsterdam

Ruth Hill    Larry's Guitar    3:32    The River Beneath Me-

Savoca, Karen with Pete heitzman    The Bully    4:40    Promise - Alcove Recordings

Michael McNevin    Bully    3:29    In The Rough- mudpuddle music

Tom Pacheco    While We Looked the Other Way    6:57    Luminol The Houston Sessions

John Webber handles the website and recording issues for Folk Plus.


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Thanks to all  those understanding my health challenges with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities   

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