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Angela Page has presented roots and folk music in colleges, coffee houses, Greenwich Village and in print media since the mid seventies. She's been airing artists on these airwaves since 1993. 
She records Folk Plus from her home weekly, due to her extreme chemical sensitivities. It airs live at Hydro Powered Public radio WJFF at 2pm on Saturdays and anytime at
It is what she considers the best in older and contemporary folk, spoken work, Broadway tunes, or whatever fits the show's theme. 
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Saturday November 5, 2011:
Kids' minds, titanic, mexico, cages, feeling and nostalgic notes and photos.

Today on Folk Plus
I'm grouping songs on the subjects above.

Buddy Mondlock    The Kid    4:52    Buddy Mondlock
Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston    Africa    4:46    Lost And Found- Waterbug
Anne Hills    I Went To Look For The Fairies    3:40    Beauty Attends: The Heartsongs Of Opal Whiteley

Ellen Cherry    1912 Violet Swims But The Ship Sinks    2:45    (New) Years-
Roy Zimmerman    End of the Ship    2:41    Real American

Paul Sachs    Dirty Trucks    4:09    Oil Town-
Tom Russell    Goodnight, Juarez    3:44    Mesabi- Shout Factory

Jon Brooks    Cage Fighter    4:39    Delicate Cages- JONBROOKS.CA
Bruce Cockburn    Pacing the Cage    5:05    Slice O Life - Live Solo - ROUNDER.COM

The Little Stevies    Feel It    3:00    Attention Shoppers- 45Records
David Wilcox    You Should See The Way It Feels    3:01    East Asheville Hardware [Live]
Johnsmith    I Like The Way It Feels    3:51    To The Four Directions

Jay Hitt    Notes From Home    4:08    Through The Window
Steve Spurgin    Kodak 1955    4:08    Past Perfect- Blue Night Rec

Some Concerts in New Jersey

UnitedMethodist Church, 69 Main Street, Woodbridge, NJ.
Nov 10 Dala
Nov 16 Aztec 2 Step

Center for Performing Arts , 1 Williams Plaza Rutherford NJ
Nov 19  Tom Paxton and John Mccutcheon and more

Next week: Irishy Thistle and Shamrock folk plus


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