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Folk Plus Saturday November 19, 2011: The Writing Process

Folk Plus Saturday November 19, 2011: The Writing Process

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps a spoken word or a Broadway tune, or whatever may be relevant to the theme.   
In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be. Log onto and listen when you'll be near your computer.

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The show will remain on the archive site for two weeks.

The songs on today's show are by writers that asked for a challenge. When my show aired last week, what they will be singing didn't exist. They wrote it in the past few days after asking for and accepting a challenge. Anyone interested was asked to contact me.  I gave the word out to songwriters who asked and would be willing to take a phrase or subject assignment, then whatever they came up with I would air on my next show... as time permitted. 
THis is my next show. These THese folks accepted a challenge to write after hearing a given word or phrase and send it to me so that I could  air them on my show today.  So what you are going to listen to is not polished finished products. Some are not even a full song. They will continue to be honed and edited. What you are getting to peek at is the writing process. Its not about the drum track or the harmony. THis is raw writing in response to a line. THis is what writers do.  With the assignment of a phrase, I can be surer that the song is new.  I wasn't sure what to expect, wasn't sure what the show would turn out like for an hour of this, but here goes. First up, is Karyn Oliver new resident of NYC.

Karyn Oliver - Alcohol-Free Beer chorus with intro 1:29
Marci Geller - Sally Knows Demo 11-16-11 4:11
Antonio Andrade   - Song Challenge Chris Fuller 4:17
Elaine  - DraftSongChallenge 2:03
Antonio Andrade - TIE DYNAMITE TO MOOSE MIX 2:50
The YaYas - Stronger Than That 2011-11-16 4:30
Doug Brouder  -  Not With Me You Don't 4:26
Jane Fallen  - Write a song 2 3:02
Lisa Meissner - Not Too Late - Early Fragment 1:28
John Sonntag  - Too much of a Good Thing 5:04
Carolann Solebello - Blueberry Summer 3:00
Hank Stone - When nobody is looking 2:14
Neptune's Car - One Less a Day (Might Make You Stay).MP3 3:36
Mark Allen Berube - Too Many Love Songs 3:29
James McMurtry  - We Can't Make It Here (acoustic) 5:22


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