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Folk Plus with Angela Page
Saturday December 10, 2011: Would Jesus bomb, or buy more stuff?

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps a spoken word or a Broadway tune, or whatever may be relevant to the theme.   
In real time I air at 2pm, but since I'm not there at 2, you don't have to be. Log onto and listen when you'll be near your computer.

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The show will remain on the archive site for two weeks.

Folk Plus with Angela Page 12/10/2011

02:01PM-02:04PM (3:00) Lois Morton “confessions of clutterholic” from As I See It

02:04PM-02:07PM (3:39) David stoddard “"Stuff"” from Get Off My Lawn

02:08PM-02:11PM (3:00) Lou and Peter Berryman “The Stuff Song” from Some Kinda Funny on Cornbelt records

02:11PM-02:13PM (2:43) John Flynn “who's whose” from John Flynn

02:14PM-02:16PM (2:52) Cali Rose “Pooey, Pooey, Pooey, It's Christmas” from Cali Rose Gets Goofy on Soup To Nuts Music

02:16PM-02:19PM (3:43) Mean Mary “Ding Dong Day” from Ding Dong Dayon Mean Mary

02:20PM-02:22PM (2:20) David Wilcox “East Asheville Hardware” from East Asheville Hardware on W.A.R.? - What Are Records?

02:23PM-02:28PM (5:00) Ilene Weiss “Talking to the Wrong Guy” from Weiss Christmas on Gadfly

02:28PM-02:32PM (3:34) James Gordon “There Is No Silent Night” fromMining for Gold on Borealis Records

02:32PM-02:36PM (3:48) Dick Gaughin “Different Kind of Love Song” fromdiffernet kind of love song on Appleseed

02:36PM-02:40PM (4:01) David Rovics “Who Would Jesus Bomb?” fromBehind the Barricades on AK Press

02:40PM-02:44PM (4:36) Nick Annis “Jesus said” from Apples and Oranges

02:44PM-02:47PM (3:00) Emma's Revolution “women say no” fromRevolutions Per Minute on Moving Forward

02:47PM-02:50PM (2:55) Kate Campbell & Spooner Oldham “Would They Love Him Down In Shreveport” from For the Living of These Days on Large River Music

02:50PM-02:54PM (3:16) Peter Paul and Mary “A Solin'” from Movin' on WB Records

02:54PM-02:57PM (3:00) Gordon Lightfoot “The house You live in” from The house You live in

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