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Angela Page has presented roots and folk music in colleges, coffee houses, Greenwich Village and in print media since the mid seventies. She's been airing artists on these airwaves since 1993. 
She records Folk Plus from her home weekly, due to her extreme chemical sensitivities. It airs live at Hydro Powered Public radio WJFF at 2pm on Saturdays.
It is what she considers the best in older and contemporary folk, spoken work, Broadway tunes, or whatever fits the show's theme.  WJFF streams at  WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG  and archived shows  for two weeks following their aired date are at :  and Angela's playlists to 1998 are at
John Webber handles the website and recording issues for Folk Plus.

Saturday December 3, 2011: Fund Drive
All these releases were offered along with others as premiums. This show streams at Saturdays at 2, and remains at the site for 2 weeks.

Paul Sachs    When The River Didn't Flow    2:58    Oil Town-    1
    WJFF ID and Pledge Chris Kokesh    0:27       
Chris Kokesh    Lucy    4:08    October Valentine   
Annie Gallup    It's Dangerous, Charlie    1:39    Courage My Love- Prime CD   
Annie Gallup    Oh Tom, You Didn't Mean That    1:16    Courage My Love- Prime CD   
Christine Lavin    Attractive Stupid People    3:24    Cold Pizza For Breakfast- Yellow Tail   
Aengus Finnan w T. Mills and N. Rogers -    One Hand on the Radio    3:00    North Wind   
Lynn Miles    Over You    4:43    Lynn Miles 09 Black Flowers Volume 1 (canada)   
Lois Morton    Cell Phone Song    3:00    As I See it   
Joe Crookston    John Jones    4:21    Able Baker Charlie & Dog   
Steve Gillette, Anne Hills, Cindy Mangsen & Michael Smith    Four Rode By    3:34    Fourtold - Appleseed   
Carolann Solebello    RED MOLLY "Last Call" intro    0:47    by Carolann Solebello   
Red Molly    The Last Call    4:17    James   


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Thanks to all  those understanding my health challenges with neurotoxic poisoning and chemical sensitivities   

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