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Saturday December 30, 2011:
music that reflects the 2011 year in review

  Folk Plus streams at Saturdays at 2, and remains at the wjffradio site for 2 weeks from Jeffersonville, NY
Folk Plus streams at Saturdays at 3 pm from Mt. Cobb, Pa.

Thanks for tuning in to Folk Plus today which will be music reflecting 2011 news.

Decision in January of 2011 from U.S. court of appeals, 9th circuit, affirmed someone's selling rights to resell promotional CDs that bought from secondhand stores and rejecting a company's claim that a sticker on a CD saying "not for resale" created a license agreement forbidding resale.   This decision didn't specifically address the following song's moral discussion of burning cps from struggling singer songwriters, but this song kicks of today's look back musically at 2011.

Nancy White    And I Copied It    2:54    Stickers On Fruit

More 2011 news, regarding gays in the military  
John Forster    In The Closet    3:06    Helium- Philo CD   
John McCutcheon    Let's Keep It Straight    3:48    Signs of the Times- Rounder   

And of course, uprisings of the people in numbers all over the world
Emma's Revolution    Stand Together    4:08    Revolutions Per Minute-   
Les Misérables Original Broadway Cast    Do You Hear The People Sing_    2:07    Les Misérables [Disc 1]    12/8/11 12:21
James Keelaghan    Never Gonna Stop This Train    3:19    A Recent Future    12/23/11 18:37
Rebel Voices    One    3:29    A Piece Of The Wall    4/23/11 20:01
The Three Altos    One Voice    3:20    One Voice   

Economic imbalance
Eileen McGann    No Country's Law    3:13    Beyond The Storm-    12/23/11 19:03

Political pundits and campaigning
Rod MacDonald    Moron Radio    2:55    Songs Of Freedom- blue flute music-   

The troops come home from Iraq
Pete Seeger, Billy Bragg, Ani DiFranco & Steve Earle    Bring Them Home (if You Love Your Uncle Sam)    3:46    Seeds: The Songs Of Pete Seeger, Volume 3- Appleseed   
Naomi Sommers    Come Home    3:37    Hypnotized   
Steve Einhorn & Kate Power    Travis John    3:23    Pearls: The Tribute Collection- 

We lose three biggies in the folk world 
Jack Hardy    The Wren    4:42    The Cauldron- Great Divide   
Hazel Dickens    Gallop to Kansas    1:43    Hazel & Alice   
Bill Morrissey    Letter From Heaven    1:54    Night Train- Philo   

Hats off to 2012 and any resolutions
Artisan    A Habit I'll Have To Kick    2:41    Our Back Yard   


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