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Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps spoken word or Broadway tunes, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
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Saturday Febraury 26, 2011: Stan Roger's newest, area clubs, and Rosanne Cash

1.Terry Tufts - Marylou in Burgundy 4:41 - submitted single 

Good morning and welcome to Folk Plus. What you just heard was the whole song of Marylou in Burgundy [I usually fade it out at the beginning of my shows] by terry tufts, from wence I drew my theme music. Terry is a native of Canada and grew up imitating Red Shea's guitar playing on Gordon Lightfoot's releases decades ago.

This week I have been listening a lot to a  new album by Uncle Bonsia. They are clever, unpredictable and humorous. I will start with their take off on the Amazon dating site which suggests, "if like tommy" and lets say and he dumped you, you would match up well with Pierre or Bert.  I will follow that with thier tune "theme song" which reminded me of several other clever takes on song construction, which follow.

2. Uncle Bonsai -  Loving Tommy 3:53   - The Grim Parade -  Yellow Tail

3. Uncle Bonsai  - Theme Song   2:48    - The Grim Parade - Yellow Tail             

4. Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer - Here Is The Chorus   4:31 -  Postcards  - Community Music               
5. Da Vinci's Notebook - Title Of The Song    4:27  -  The Life And Times Of Mike Fanning                               

6.  Finest Kind - John Barleycorn Deconstructed   3:01 -  For Honour & For Gain  - Fallen Angle Music                   

You just heard Finest Kind deconstruction of how they arrange the singing of John Barleycorn. They are a trio from Canada who perform together and separately. Before that we heard the now defunct Da Vinci's Notebook doing the Title of the song, no longer a group, but great release, prior to that wa Cathy fink and marcy marxer doing Here is the chorus from thier CD Postards and two cuts from the new release from Uncle Bonsai. They sang  Theme song as well as their commical take on the amazon dating site " loving tommy"

On to a few new releases before airing a cut from the new Best of CD of the late stan rogers.  We will hear from Stan's widow who chose the cuts for this project.   First up Peter Mayer from His newest called Heaven Below, and we will be hearing  The World is One. Following that we will hear from Cahalen Morrison and Eli West, doing On God's Rocky Shore.

7.   Peter Mayer -  The World Is One  3:46  -  Heaven Below - Blue Boat                                  

8.   Cahalen Morrison And Eli West - On God's Rocky Shore    2:54   -  The Holy Coming Of The Storm       

Up next is Stan Rogers doing The Mary Ellen Carter.   Stan Rogers tragically died June of 1983 in a plane fire in Ohio's cincinnati airport.  He was returning from the kerville folk festival in Texas. He was born in 1949 and stood six feet four. He wrote out a bread recipe for me once, stating that it was his family's bread that gave him his size.  The song sings of positive thought and success through adversity.  May folks in canada tell stories of survival of both great and small proportions, singing the mary ellen carter to themselves quietly or right out loud to get them thro diversity.  Here is one of those stories, followed by Stan.

9.  Testimony of shipwrecked man who sang Stan's song while awaiting for rescue floating in the sea, awaiting the coast guard.

10.  Stan Rogers - The Mary Ellen Carter   5:05   -   The Very Best of Stan Rogers  - Borealis           

Stan's wife ariel chose the cuts for this new release called the very best of Stan Rogers.  She is still very busy with his label 'fogarty's cove.' Their son nathan has released two cds of his own. I asked Ariel to introduce a cut from his first release, True Stories, and speak a bit about her son, nathan.

11.    Ariel Rodgers introduces her son's song Mary's Child.           

12.   Nathan Rogers - Mary's Child  4:29   - True Stories  - Halfway Cove Music      
Now onto some folks appearing locally this weekend.  First up Catie Curtis who will be at the towne crier tonight.  Following Catie you will hear Red Molly doing Caleb Meyer from their release Never Been to Vegas, and you can catch them at the Turning Point in piermont, near the tappan zee bridge tomorrow night.

13.  Catie Curtis -  People Look Around 3:58   -  Long Night Moon - Compass                         

14.  Red Molly - Caleb Meyer  3:10  - Never Been to Vegas  -        

And finally tonight in Woodstock you can catch Mike and Ruthie. Ruthie as in Jay Unger and Lynn Hardy's duagher Ruth Unger.  The are appearing at the      tonight from  5-7pm  in  Woodstock at a free event for the   Catskill Mountain Keeper .  Its at the  Kleinert/James Arts Center, Woodstock, NY.  This is free to the public, a welcoming party for this esteemed organization as they move into their new Woodstock offices.  Mike and Ruth say...."We'll be playing a few songs and learning more about being good mountain keepers"

15.      Mike + Ruthy  -  Beg And Borrow    1:48   -  The Honeymoon Agenda                        

16.      Mike + Ruthy  - Diamond Ring Rag    1:21 - The Honeymoon Agenda                 

Stay tuned for a special on roseanne cash.  She was up for a grammy with her new releae THE LIST, and she shares stories about the making of the record and memories of her daddy Johnny cash.  If you have any questions aabout what you hear on the show, e mail me at folk plus at g mail dot com. Catch you next week.
17.  Hour special on Rosanne Cash  

Folk Plus is a blend of contemporary and older singer songwriters with perhaps spoken word or Broadway tunes, or whatever may be relevant to the theme. 
The station's website and stream are online at WWW.WJFFRADIO.ORG 

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