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Saturday March 5, 2011: Hour 1 - The People speak up,
Hour 2 - Television, motorclyces, Red Molly, Red Horse....

Theme music: Terry Tufts: Marylou in Burgendy

1. Ryan Tennis - "We the People" chorus loop used throughout this show from  Goodbye To The Ground -

Libya, Iraq, Egypt, Winsconsin.....  All over the world, people are currently uniting to voice oposition of  injustice and dictatorships.  Its been evident all through history of the power of people united, when they are not alone.  This first hour of folk plus we will musically visit that power.
2. Les Misérables Original Broadway Cast  - Do You Hear The People Sing? -  2:07 - Les Misérables [Disc 1]  - Geffen  

3. Monty Python   -  Constitutional Peasants  -  2:57 -  The Album Of The Soundtrack Of The Trailer Of The Film Of Monty Python And The Holy Grail  -  Arista
4. Woody Guthrie  - Tear The Fascists Down    2:10   - My Dusty Road  - Rounder

5. Tracy Chapman - 01-Talkin Bout A Revolution    2:39  - Tracy Chapman  - Electra

From the broadway case of Les Mis, you heard Do you hear the people sing, based on the days of the  french revolution, followed by two peasants from Monty Phythoms holy grail, not recognizing their own king, woody guthries tear the fascists down and tracy chapman, talking bout a revolution.

It was Margaret Mead who said  "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."   Along the lines of that sentiment here are magpie, rebel voices and john mcutcheon singing aobut he power of a few people dedicated to a common goal.

6. Magpie - [Humphries] Bound For Freedom    3:42   -   Give Light   -  Sliced Bread Records

7. Rebel Voices - One  -  3:29 -  A Piece Of The Wall   - Revielle

8. John McCutcheon - The Principle  -  2:46 -    Supper's on the Table.   - Rounder

9. Bob Marley & The Wailers -  [under back announcing] Get Up Stand Up - 30s fade in/out  -  0:38 -   Live Forever: The Stanley Theatre, Pittsburgh, PA, September 23, 1980 [Disc 2] [Live]   - Island Records

There is a quote attributed to Martin Niemoller:
"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out—
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me— and there was no one left to speak out for me."

10. Charlie King & Karen Brandow  - Stand Up  -  4:05   -  Sparks And Tears   -  
11. Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis - By My Silence  3:42  - &

On the domestic front  -  It’s been over two weeks now, and Wisconsin’s  governor Walker isn’t backing down in his attempt to alter workers’ rights.  Fourteen Democratic state senators – the Wisconsin 14 – are camped out of state to prevent a vote until more people weigh in.

12. War On The Workers    3:11 - Joe Jencks    Rise As One  - Turtle Bear Music   

13. Hospital Workers    2:00  - Rebel Voices  -  Warning Women At Work    - Revielle
Perhaps you've found yourself in that disbelief of working with folks who you would think would all be on the same side and yet, are not. FLorence Reece wrote this next famous song in 1931 during the mining stride in harlan county kentucky. She wrote the words on the back of a calendar after deputies entered her home illegally, searching for her husband sam reece.  She put it to the baptist hymn lay the lily low  Here is N M doing .....

14. Natalie Merchant  - Which Side Are You On?   - 5:04  - The House Carpenter's Daughter - Myth America
15. Sly & The Family Stone - Everyday People    3:26  -   The Woodstock Experience-Radio Sampler  

Theres a lot of pwer in the ordinary person, and even more in the combined effort of the people when they gather for a cause. 

I want to go back to in time now, but still keep Libya as a topic.   Shortly after the 1986 April 15 United States bombing of Tripoli, Libya, Cindy Kallet wrote a song called "Bodies" ( track #8 on Dreaming Down a Quiet Line).  Cindy performed with her trio Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone. They performed with david francey on Sunday April 1st 2001. A decde ago. 

What Cindy says about her song:

"It was such a shock that morning to hear of the bombing; this was not "usual" news - can anyone remember a day in recent history when we don't wake to news of bombing somewhere?

The song is more an explanation of war/bodies/humanizing-dehumanizing violence than a particular position with respect to the bombing, although clearly there is a "violence is not the answer to violence" slant. The liner notes give more detail about the other events that contributed to the song, including a quote from a news announcer who, in reporting the casualties, said "Well, thank God there were no Americans." The "not lost out on that Line" refers to the Line of Death, an imaginary line drawn by Qaddafi across the Gulf of Sidra, on the Libyan side of which which enemy planes or boats would be shot at. There's more quick information about the bombing raid and the Line of Death online"

16. Cindy Kallet - Bodies - Walking down a quiet Line - Stone's Throw

How can a setlist talk aobut people changing things without Dylan's classic. Admittedly, I dont play dylan much, but here is his times they are a changing.

17. Bob Dylan    - The Times They Are A-Changin'    3:14  The Best Of Bob Dylan             

Throughout the show I've been airing Ryan Tennis heard here in the background, his song "we The people" is onhis release Goodbye to the Ground

Thanks forlistening to hydro powered public radio today, address any comments or questions to folk plus at g mail  up next is Emmas Revolition doing Swimming to the other side.

18. Emma's Revolution  - Swimming To The Other Side    4:53 -   Roots, Rock & Revolution  -

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Welcome to this hour of folk plus, we are going to hear five cuts about tv, starting off with a cd by uncle bonsai called Doug, where all the songs are about our protagonist - Doug. Perhpas you remember their addition to the christmas compilation put out by christine lavin, where doug was the company jew, who made christmas vacation possible for so many, where her they are with dougs divorce - the preamble, Doug and the TV part Two.

19. Mel Cooleys [Uncle Bonsai] - Doug's Divorce: Preamble (Doug and the TV: Part Two)    4:26    -   Doug - Yellow Tail Records 

20 Tom Prasada-Rao  - I Dream of Jeannie    3:23    -Goodnight Regret -
21 Shel Silverstein  - Jimmy Jet And His TV Set    1:09   -     Where The Sidewalk Ends [Bonus Tracks]- Columbia   

22 Michael McNevin   - Etch-A-Sketch®    5:04   -   Sketch  - Mudpuddle Music         

Here is a heads up on helping kids get the difference between a tv world and their own. There are some grown ups who have trouble with this distinction themselves.

23 Bill Harely and son - The TV Way    4:21   -  Changing Channels    - Rounder Kids

That was Bill Harley with his son on Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxers release on ROunder Kids called Changing Chanels.  On to the next miniset - motorcyles  - going from Bill Harley to Don' Henlys song about a lost baby names Harley and his eventual reuniting with his birth parents.

24 Don Henry - Harley    4:02    -   Wild In The Backyard   - Epic

25 David Wilcox -   Eye Of The Hurricane    3:37     -  How Did You Find Me Here   - A & M 

26 Arlo Guthrie - Motorcycle (Signficance Of The Pickle) Song    6:31    -    The Best Of Arlo Guthrie  - Warner Bros.

27 The Shangri-Las -   Leader Of The Pack    2:52  -  Rock 'n Roll Jukebox Hits [Disc 1]   

28 Richard Thompson -  1952 Vincent Black Lightning    4:43    -   Rumor & Sigh   - Capitol

In that classic cut of RIchard Thompson, he mentioned Red Molly. Here are red molly doing foreign lander from their latest release james.

29. Red Molly -  Foreign Lander    2:12   -     James   -

30. Exerpt from Red Horse Interview on NPR  with Liane Hanson:

From Red Molly to red horse  Lucy Kaplansky, John Gorka and Eliza Gilkyson, all got together to create a trio calling themselves Red Horse, and recorded an album called Red Horse, on Red House.  I've known the talents of Lucy and John since the late 70's when we were regulars in Greenwhich Village folk scene. When the Speak Easy performance space opened on MacDougal street Lucy was on the very first poster to promote the club. The two had many cuts on the fast folk magazine and were instremental in the whole folk movement in the late 70's and since. 
When recording the Red Horse release the trio were actually in three different places.  Lucy was in Brooklyn, John in Minnesota.   THey heard their first combination on recording and not in the presence of each other. Liane Hanson interviewed them August 2010 asking about their harmony work and here they speak to her about it.

31. Eliza Gilkyson & John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky (Red Horse )  Wayfaring Stranger  3:32  -    Red Horse       

32. Susan Werner -  Red Dress    2:58 - Kicking The Beehive  -

Here is a group called Red Rock ROndo as I continue with the red theme here, following red molly, red horse and susan's new cut red dress.  Red Rock Rondo are from  Utah, newat the Zion National Park, and the release is called the zion canyon song cyle.  They will be doing Pretty quilts out on the line.

33. Red Rock Rondo - Pretty Quilts Out On The Line    3:20    -     Zion Canyon Song Cycle   -   Steamboat Mountain Records      

Thanks for joining me today, I can be reached at folk plus at g mail for feedback and questions. Stay tuned for Jambalaya. To bring in jambalaya today we will be hearing Red Hen's "Red Hen" from their release Red Hen Crossing. Can't get much redder than that.  See you on the radio next time.

34. Red Hen - Red Hen - Red Hen Crossing

Support for Folk Plus comes from  listeners, and from  Global Natural Foods.  Importers and distributors of healthful ingredients to the food and beverage industries.  And from NACL Theatre in Highland Lake.  Creating and presenting original theatre from local, national and international artists.  NACL dot ORG.

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