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A history of folk/rock;
Robert Johnson thro The Eagles

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This show was recorded Monday March 7, 2011 and posted at the station for airplay Saturday.
I can no longer do the show live due to cross contamination and my disability.   They have moved my show to 2 pm next week... I am making it at home and mailing it in.

I'm with Paul Lococco, native of Sullivan County at his home in Ulster County.  Occasionally you may hear the windchime off his kitchen porch.
I've heard Paul over the years talk about the whole world of folk rock emerging from 60's to 7's and hes knowledgeable and interested in this whole genre.
Ive asked him to take us on a journey and he did, starting with Robert Johnson and working his way towards the Eagles.

  1. Robert Johnson - Crossroads Blues    2:40          The Roots of Taj Mahal               
  2. Woody Guthrie - This Land Is Your Land    2:20            The Asch Recordings, Vol. 1-4         
  3. Little Richard - Tutti-Frutti    2:21        20 Greatest Hits            
  4. Elvis Presley - Heartbreak Hotel    2:07          The Number One Hits       
  5. Woody Guthrie - Talking Dust Bowl Blues    5:17          The Library of Congress Recordings: Woody Guthrie            
  6. Bob Dylan  - Talking World War III Blues    6:28        The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan     
  7. The Beatles - I Want to Hold Your Hand    2:27         Past Masters, Volume One             
  8. The Animals - House of the Rising Sun    4:32           Best of the Animals [ABKCO]             
  9. The Byrds - Mr. Tambourine Man    2:34        Mr. Tambourine Man         1   
  10. The Beatles  - You've Got To Hide Your Love    2:12        Help (UK)      
  11. Bob Dylan  - Like A Rolling Stone    6:15    -      Highway 61 Revisited            
  12. James Taylor - Something In The Way She Moves    3:14          James Taylor -
  13. The Byrds - You Ain't Going Nowhere    2:35         Cruising Altitude [Disc 2]                           
  14. All Along The Watch Tower    3:20      Jimi Hendrix Experience    Electric Ladyland               
  15. Wild Horses    6:21      The Flying Burrito Brothers    Hot Burritos!  Anthology 1969-1972  Disc 1      
  16. Joni Mitchell - Woodstock    5:28    11/1/04 10:41 AM       Hits            ÜberStandard -
  17. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Our House    3:01    4/12/09 4:06 PM       Déjà Vu            
  18. The Band - Up on Cripple Creek    4:35    4/13/09 7:43 PM        The Band            Created by Free CD Ripper !
  19. Elton John - Country Comfort    5:07    9/1/08 8:27 PM        Tumbleweed Connection          
  20. Eagles  - Take It Easy    3:33    7/28/10 2:28 PM      Eagles             
  21. Gram Parsons - Brass Buttons    3:29          Sacred Hearts and Fallen Angels: the Gram Parsons Anthology Disc 2          1   
  22. Brass Buttons    2:26      Gram Parsons    Another Side of This Life: The Lost Recordings of Gram Parsons, 1965-1966          1   
  23. The Eagles - Hotel California    6:30          Hotel California    

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