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Saturday January 15, 2012:
2011 discoveries and rediscoveries

Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993 and enters its 20th year. 
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The show will remain on that archive site for two weeks.
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Folk Plus blends contemporary folk , plus spoken word, Broadway, contemporary singer-songwriters or blasts from the past centered around a theme.   
Angela plans and records Folk Plus from home due to her extreme chemical sensitivities.  
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So who did I discover newly this year, to air on Folk Plus?
Well, todays show will air some of the answers... also, I rediscovered a few artists, and they will be later in the hour.

Kicking off today's runway of new finds is Alicia McGovern. She has been a finalist in the Susanne Millsaps Memorial Songwriting Showcase (2011), placed third in the Tucson Folk Festival Songwriting Contest (2010) and received an Honorable Mention in the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival Songwriting Contest (2010).
Shes currently touring in the Netherlands as her first international tour. Her release is Words Through the Seasons, and we will hear Ruby Red Sky.

  1. Alicia McGovern    Ruby Red Sky    3:45    Words Through The Seasons-

Frankenpine is a Brooklyn-based string band with roots reaching from the subway platforms of the city up the Hudson Valley to the crooked mountains of the Adirondacks.It consists of 5 or d 6 players around Kim and Mathew Chase on mandolin and banjo.. with fiddle it can sound bluegrass but play everything from blues to gypsy jazz to rock to old-time. Its lyrics  exploring themes of loss and ambition; telling the stories of outlaws and the outspoken.

    2.   Frankenpine    Texas Outlaw    4:19    The Crooked Mountain -

Last Bird Home, the forthcoming album from Chris Castle, has Tommy  Ramone from the Ramones with an official "add date" of January 16th.
His website,,  says "organic music grown from the ground up." He has on the release

    3.  Chris Castle    Both Ends of A Gun    4:28    -   - Last Bird Home -

They are a five piece band who call their music  “nordic urban bluegrass”.
Their music is based on traditional bluegrass with influences including Swedish folk music, pop, and jazz.

     4.  Downtown Ramblers    Singing With The Birds    3:04    On The Other Side Of The City-

Stray Birds is a trio from southeastern Pennsylvania, that draws on American folk music traditions. 
Maya de Vitry plays a fiddle, a banjo, a guitar. She most recently won 4th Place in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubadour Contest.
Oliver Craven is a A classically-trained violinist, who also plays mandolin, and guitar  in various acoustic outfits.
Bassist Charles Joseph Muench is classically-trained and can also be found playing the banjo at breakfast.

    5.   The Stray Birds    Birds of the Borderland    3:47    Borderland -

Paul Sachs was born and raised in New York City. Despite this fact, there is the occasional hint of a country twang in his gutsy raw vocals on this, his fourth release. Song after song he creates some lovely and memorable melodies. The cuts on Oil Town involve those challenged by love, by work and the struggles created by economic imbalance.

    6.   Paul Sachs    Poor Man's Out    2:57    Oil Town -

"Cuts blend a traditional rootsy grounding with a clear background of classical training. Their style settings vary from Appalachian kitchens, to contra dance floors, to concert halls. Their own works are soothing and fresh... Throughout the release their instrumentation is tasteful and accomplished, varying speed and emotional attack. This duo is taking the classical study of a Contemporary Improvisation Program and bringing it alive in folk touring circles."

    7.  Ari & Mia    Amelia    4:57    Unruly Heart -

The Sea, the Sea is the 19th novel by Iris Murdoch.
Also a duo of Mira Stanley & Chuck E. Costa  2011 Appointed Official “CT State Troubadour”

    8.  The Sea The Sea    With That Fire    3:38    The Sea The Sea -

New York Times dubbed him the “great American romantic,” and at any given moment on this very day a radio station in America is playing one

    9.  Edwin McCain    The Boy Who Cried Love    3:25    Mercy Bound- 429 Records

 this collection of thirteen songs was inspired by poems by the great Irish poet W.B. Yeats. One can hear strains of American and Irish folk music in these original musical settings of Yeats' poems, some well known, some less known.   The album includes wonderful graphics and a sixteen-page booklet with the text of Yeats' original poems. Area songwriter Jack Hardy was a total student and fan of Yeats and you can hear similarities to this poem and Hardy's  The Inner Man on

10.  Kyle Alden - The Cloak, The Boat And The Shoes 231 Songs From year's Bee-loud Glade -

Next group was formed in 1976 They are La Bottine,  and their mission is to perpetuate the traditional music and song
at a time when pop music and disco occupied the whole scene. Still going strong, this 11 piece band is going strong.

11.  La Bottine Souriante    Cette Bouteille-Là    4:30    Appellation d'Origine Controlee- Borealis

I was reaquainted iwth the following artists this year. First they young and wildly popular canadian artist Ariana Gillis.

12. Ariana Gillis - Blueberry Ocean [you go, you go]  3:35    To Make It Make Sense    -   

Up next is Cosy Sherisan singing Air Guitar, and she is one great musician. Shes singing about what she does well and pushing the idea to others.

13. Cosy Sheridan    Air Guitar    2:52 The Horse King- Waterbug         

This is one interesting writer and was nominated for Canada's Juno award.  Jon Brooks album quotes Robert Bly's poem, Taking the Hands
"Taking the hands of someone you love, You see they are delicate cages..."  From the release by that name, here is "we're free".

14. Jon Brooks Because - We're Free    4:31        Delicate Cages-

Peter Mayer rounding out today's show of discoveries and rediscoveries by me for 2011.
15. Peter Mayer- All The World Is One    3:46        Heaven Below    - Blueboat Records

On next week's Folk Plus I will air some  Phil Ochs  and remind folks that his documentary "There but for Fortune" will air on PBS Monday]

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