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Saturday January 28, 2012: Reminds me
~what the new cd cut reminds me of

Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993 and enters its 20th year.  Folk Plus blends contemporary folk , plus spoken word, Broadway, contemporary singer-songwriters or blasts from the past centered around a theme.    Angela plans and records Folk Plus from home due to her extreme chemical sensitivities.  
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I want to take you through a process I go through, when I get new acquisitions.Often I begin listening to new acquisitions and some cut immediately makes me think of something I own already. Today on Folk Plus, I am pairing up such examples, startingwith a release I just acquired   by Jan Luby, who was born traveling the vaudeville circuit with her folks. Shes been active in comical performance in Providence RI, Long Island and up and down the California coast.   Here she does the comical "Right Left Right" about trying to dance with someone and I've paired it with the very funny Waltz of the Wallflowers by Small Potatoes

1. Jan Luby    Right Left Right    2:11    Nobody's Girl-

2. Small Potatoes    Waltz Of The Wallflowers (A Dysfunctional Duet)    4:24    Waltz Of The Wallflowers (A Dysfunctional Duet)

That was a duo of Jacque Manning and Rich Preszioso who go by the name Small Potatoes doing their dysfunctional  duet.. waltz of the wallflowers.
Before that a similar song called Left Right Left by Jan Luby.
Luby's cut title made me think of this political dance by Artisan.

3. Artisan    Left Right Right Left    3:36    Breathing Space

The next pair is matched musically.  Did you ever listen to some hook in a song and just get driven mad trying to remember what it makes you think of? That's what happened to me and this next cut. Its by Barb Ryman about trying again and again and finally succeeding.   It's about an artist whose work is rejected five thousand times she says.. Scary Mari.  Its that melody line that reminded me of the song that follows it.  Here is Barb Ryman

4. Barb Ryman    Scary Mari    3:40    Catch The Sunset-

That was Barb Ryman and here is Sloan Wainwright doing a song about strong women in her life, called Martha.

5. Sloan Wainwright    Martha    3:39    The Song Inside- Farkie Music

I was reminded of it by the melody hook in Barb Ryman's Scary Mari.  After hearing the Sloan cut about strong women in her family named Martha, I was reminded of a new release by Meg Braun and her song Strong Women.

6. Meg Braun    Strong Women    5:20    Broken Places-

Here is a new cut from Honor Finnegan called Internet Junkie, about how the world awaits on google, and it will be followed by Rod MacDoanld.

Honor Finnegan    Internet Junkie    4:27    The Tiny Life-
"Ive got dishes in the sink, laundry on the bed, but let me check my e mail instead"

Rod MacDonald    Google Me Baby    3:12    Songs Of Freedom- blue flute music-
"I can change the world, but I got to do my laundry first"

The following cuts are both light happy feeling about approaching to a new day.

Heather McCready    Sunshiny Day    3:48    Give It A Day-Travelin' Girl Productions -

Kate MacLeod    Talkin' About Good News    3:29    Constant Emotion- Waterbug

Aztec 2 step have been around longer than many marriages.
When Rex Fowler of Aztec Two Step was in college and was hitchhiking home for Christmas, a cop offered overnight digs in a cell since it would be freezing overnight.
He saw etchings on the cell wall that ended up the motivation for the following song about John Gary:

Aztec Two-Step    John Gary 1967    3:29    Cause & Effect-Red Engine Rec -

A song that comes to mind when I hear about etchings on a cell wall is this one, Freddy the Falcon.

Joe Crookston    Freddy The Falcon    4:46    Able Baker Charlie & Dog -

And now, just two new cuts to end the show.  Tracy Grammer and Dave Carter were touring with Joan Baez, who was blown away like all of us with the writer Dave Carter. He had a heart attack in 2002 and the world has been without him since. But Tracy found  some old tapes  recorded in her kitchen and they have been put together on this brand new release.   I didn't want the show to be over without something from this amazing find. Again Tracy and the voice of Dave Carter.

Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer    Better Way    3:42    Little Blue Egg- Red House

Ending today with another new release from this funny duo. ITs a comment on our economy right now.

Lou & Peter Berryman    You Gotta Do More    2:58    Rocky Frontier- cornbelt

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