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February 4, 2012: U.K. and Australia

Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993 and enters its 20th year.  Folk Plus blends contemporary folk , plus spoken word, Broadway, contemporary singer-songwriters or blasts from the past centered around a theme.    Angela plans and records Folk Plus from home due to her extreme chemical sensitivities.   

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Welcome to this hour of folk plus. My name is Angela Page and Ive been presenting folk music since the mid 70s in various venues, in print media and on air. On folk plus I present what I consider to be the best in the indi folk community centered round a theme. This hours theme is features artists from the UK and Australia.

First up is the 5 piece band of young lads from Scotland called the Paul McKenna band. In 2011 they played at The Cambridge Folk Festival England, Tonder Festival Denmark, Milwaukee Irish Festival in the USA and Goderich Festival in Canada and 2012 at the Celtic Connections Festival at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.  “The best folk band to have come out of Scotland in the last twenty years” New York Times. This cut involves the darien scheme, which was a failed attempt by Scotland to establish a trading colony on the isthmus of panama. Lives were destroyed by this attempt.

1. Dreams of Darien    4:45    - The Paul McKenna Band -    Stem The Tide- Mad River records            

Little Stevies is a band from australia, they were given a grant from The Australia Council and then days later another from Victoria Rocks.  They have toured in Canada and the U.S.  to young fans,  with lots of presence on you tube.                

2. The Little Stevies - Feel It    3:00    - Attention Shoppers- 45Records    

Representing a somewhat older generation is Scotish born Eric Bogle (born 23 September 1944, Peebles, Scotland) He moved in 1969 to Australia and currently lives near Adelaide, South Australia. In  1987 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for his work as a singer-songwriter.  In May 2001 the Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA), as part of its 75th Anniversary celebrations, named his song, "And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda", as one of the Top 30 Australian songs of all time.  A friend gave him a candle as a gift – evidently one that someone had lit from a candle the dalai lama had lit – this passing on down gave birth to the idea for this song.

3. Eric Bogle - The Dalai Lama's Candle    4:11-    The Colour Of Dreams- rouseabout    

Folk singer Pete Morton is a songwriter and performer originally from Leicester, in the English midlands, who currently lives in London. He has a ton of political and thoughtful offerings so I hate to have this lighthearted one represent all his works in general, but if you want some ideas for insults, listen up.

4. Pete Morton    Six Billion Eccentrics    4:18    Swarthmoor   -

Ed Miller has been hailed as "one of the finest singers to come out of the Scottish Folksong Revival" and as "one of Scotland's best singing exports." Originally from Edinburgh, he has for many years been based in Austin, TX where he gained graduate degrees in Folklore and Geography at the University of Texas.  In this cut the teacher honors the local dialect as well as "standard" English. Know that in the song  bairn = child   laughs= laughs   donna= don't   canna =want   mauna= mustn't   auld =old   pair= poor   win = own

5. Ed Miller - Listen To The Teacher 3:13 - Come Awa' Wi' Me- Wellfied records    

This hour of folk plus features artists from the UK and Australia and up next is Kate Rusby, an English folk singer and songwriter.  "Folk music doesn't get any cooler than Kate Rusby" says q magazine.  She is a remarkable interpretive singer who used to sing with her two siblings and parents making up harmonies on trips.  At only 26 she was named of one top 10 folk voices of century mercury prize nominee with Richard Thompson singing her praises. She was temped early by pop labels.  She said they wanted me to cut a pop record, but I'd just reply “you must be joking! Why would I do another kind of music just as i am starting to succeed with what I want to do. I’m from a strong close family in a small village outside Barnsely England, that whole celebrity music chart hullabaloo is so far the things I care about to me it was worst worst idea in the world."

7. Kate Rusby -   John Barbury    5:39 - Awkward Annie [Bonus Track]-    

Martyn Joseph was born in 1960, in Penarth, Wales. This Welsh singer-songwriter ‘s music exhibits primarily a brand of Celtic and folk, and his lyrics focus on social protest
He has  at least 31 releases to date… The Boston Globe calls his work A profound experience

 8.  Martyn Joseph - The Great American Novel 3:35 - Whoever It Was That Brought Me Here Will Have To Take Me Home- Appleseed    

In her early days Karan Casey was a jazz performer in Dublin Ireland at Georges Bistro .  She sang for four years with the group Solas, and then went solo and sold over half a million albums. 
Karan has won awards for “Best Folk Album” and “Best Folk Female” from Irish Music Magazine and been nominated for the BBC Folk Awards and the Danish Grammys. 
She has appeared at many festivals: the Cambridge Folk Festival, the Philadelphia Folk Festival, Merlefest , New York’s Symphony Space,  Nashville's Grand Ole Opry, and has been a frequent guest on Garrison Keillor’s ‘A Prairie Home Companion’.  Here she does a cover by Leon Rosselson-

9. Karan Casey    World Turned Upside Down (The Digger`s Song)    2:15    Songlines-     

This cut by Rosselson has been covered  by others including Dick Guaghan -   Dick Gaughan  was born Richard Peter, the eldest of three children, in 1948 near Edinborough, Scotland.  His mother, Frances MacDonald, was a Highland Scot, whose first language was Gaelic.   His father, Dick, was born in Leith of an Irish father, also called Dick who was an Irish speaker and fiddle player, from Co Mayo. Gaughan's grandmother, Bridget Madden, was born in Glasgow of Irish parents from Killala, played button accordion and was also a singer. So Gaughan was immersed in the musical traditions and culture of the Gaels, both Scots and Irish,  Here he sings another song by Leon Rosselson, who wrote the song you just heard sung by Karan Casey.  This song explores asking questions about religion and exploring the role judas played.

10 Dick Gaughan    Stand Up For Judas    4:58    A Different Kind Of Love Song- Appleseed    

After hearing two Leon Rosselson cuts , lets hear from leon himself. Hes the authot of 17 kids books and is over 75 years old at this point.

11  Leon Rosselson    Mercenaries    3:35    Harry's Gone Fishing- Gadfly

Siblings Ciarán, Pól, and Máire Uí Bhraonáin (Brennan) and their two twin uncles Noel and Pádraig Ó Dúgáin (Duggan) grew up in a rural village in County Donegal, in the northwest corner of Ireland.  They are Clannad. The village is in the Gaeltacht and they were an Irish-speaking and Roman Catholic family.[11][12] The Brennans' mother, Baba, was a music teacher, and their father, Leo, was a former member of a cabaret band., they bought a pub with a stage called Leo's Tavern The children would occasionally do cover versions of The Beatles, Beach Boys and Joni Mitchell songs at home and in their family pub.  They won the New Age category for 1999 41st grammys.

12. Clannad    Bhean a Ti    3:46    Clannad in Concert - Shanachie    

Currently there is a movie out to varying reviews by Madona called W.E.  It involves the abdication of the throne by Edward VIII for the woman he loved who was a two time divorcee. This song is not by anyone from the UK or but a song from a story from the UK.  The group is Modabo, no longer a group, but the song tells the story of a bracelet Edward gave to Walis to help her wait til they could marry. 

Modabo - Hold Tight  3:53 -  Modabo - Atlantica

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