Folk Plus with Angela Page
February 11, 2012: Occupy Folk
 We keep hearing the general public worldwide dissatisfied with the ways things are... the disproportionate wealth and justice. This hours theme is features songs that could be used in occupy gatherings.
Dispersed throughout are bits of Kasey Chambers doing the hidden track from Bricks and Barricades, called Ignorance.... "if you're not pissed off at the world, you're just not paying attention"

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1. James Keelaghan   - Never Gonna Stop This Train -  3:08    A Recent Future
"From a strike in Winnipeg to a square in Tienanmen ... never gonna stop this train"

2. Dick Gaughan    Revolution    4:14    A Different Kind Of Love Song- Appleseed
"I come because tyranny planted my seed in the hot dessert sun
...I come because liberty cannot forever be fettered by chains...."

3. David Rovics  - Behind The Barricades  2:06 Behind The Barricades/The Best Of David Rovics - AK PRess/Daemon Records.
"When the world has gone crazy.... when they are gunning down our comrades....
...our love for our world, is stronger than their hate

4. Kasey Chambers.....bits of Ignorance....
"they're on the other side of the world, but its way too close to home
....If you're not pissed off at he world, then youre just not paying attention..."

5. The Paul McKenna Band    Silent Majority [Lionel McLelland]    4:12    Stem The Tide- Mad River records
"Just because you're cozy, don't think that the world is rosy,  some people in this world have gone through hell,
and the silent majority stayed silent,"

".... they make the law then claim the law is on their side

Kasey Chambers is added to have people wake up to whats going on around them. Perhaps the first order of business if to ask questions. 

6. Jack Hardy    Ask Questions    4:26    Rye Grass
- Great Divide
" ....history will judge us stupid or complicit and we know we are not stupid"

7. Emma's Revolution w Holly Near  -  Fired Up [Near]   2:14    We Came to Sing!- calico tracks music -

"you say cool down, we say step down, you're breaking my mother's heart, shame, shame"
cant just focus on the kids with wealth, can't decide who gets the health..."

8. Tracy Chapman -Talkin' Bout A Revolution    2:39    Tracy Chapman
- Elektra
"Poor people gonna rise up and take what's theirs, you better run run run run run..."
"...finally the tables are starting to turn"

9. Jackson Browne  -  Lives In The Balance    4:19    Lives In The Balance- Asylum
" people who finally cant take anymore and they pick up a gun, or a brick or stone
and there are lives in the balance, people under fire
children at the cannons.... blood on the wire... "

10. Utah Phillips    What Is A Pacifist?    4:57    I've Got To Know- AK Press Daemon Records

1935- 2008 Phillips traveled, storytelling as he went... here he speaks of the difference between loving your country and loving your government

11. Phil Ochs    That's What I Want To Hear  3:07    Aint Marching Anymore
- Collector's Choice
Dont tell me your troubles, I dont have the time to spare..."

For those who were sorry to hear my song set, and were hoping for more jumpy jolly choices.

12. Dick Gaughan    A Different Kind Of Love Song    3:50    A Different Kind Of Love Song
Dick Gaughan sings in response to those who come to hear music to escape from the things that make them feel bad. 
Troubles don't entertain, the singer should be trying to make people happy they say.
Dick sings that its just what he is trying to do.... hes trying to equal out the happiness in the world and to do it, he needs to make listeners even sadder now.

Kasey Chambers
"it wont go away, it wont go away..."

Songwriters respond in the way they know how - by writing songs. Leon Rosselson
jokingly sings that when folks get up and walk up on his concert, he likes to think they are leaving early to start the revolution.

13. Leon Rosselson    It's Just the Song  4:37 - Harry's Gone Fishing- Gadfly

" I think I can change things writing songs?
convince, persuade, reach out to millions instead of preaching to the few?"

14. Rebel Voices    One    3:29    A Piece Of The Wall
" solitary singer doesn't make a lot of noise.. but when we're singing together in harmony we feel the power in numbers of unity"
"one isolated worker probably never will be heard, but they'll hear our every word
when we speak out, sing, everyone united, shouting clear and undivided...we are one

15. Wailin' Jennys - One Voice - 40 days - Red House
"this is the sound of voices three, singing together in harmony"

16. Emma's Revolution    We Are One    4:53    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions

"we have shared pain before, we are one.....
where the earth touches sky, we are born, we all die
where the clear waters run, Urinin hana, urinin hana"

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