Folk Plus with Angela Page
Saturday March 3,
2012: Roads

Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993 and enters its 20th year. 
The show blends contemporary folk, plus whatever works to explore the weekly theme.  

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Thanks for taking this journey with me. Dave Van Ronk kicks off today's hour theme, is roads. The journey continues to Artisan, a group from coal country in England and followed by a song about coal town roads. Kate MacLeod does her version of the traditional False Knight on the Road. There are take-offs on the term with "Road Kill" Hat and "Road to Ruin"
Many have lives centered around the road as Martin Sexton sings in Freedom of the Road, and Lucy singing the Jack hardy song "Woman of the Road".  Next week is the first year anniversary of Jack's death and I will be repeating the hour special on Jack, [seen at] available as CD or for download for anyone interested. 
Ian Tamblyn's does his epic Tiger Lily Road about trying to return home, and we wrap up with John Denver and the Beatles.

  1. Dave Van Ronk    Green, Green Rocky Road (8/26/77)    5:35    Philadelphia Folk Festival - 40th Anniversary [Disc 1]-Sliced Bread
  2. James Keelaghan    Love What A Road (LP Version)    3:14    Road- Tranquilla Music
  3. Artisan    Roads    2:14    Rocking At The End Of Time
  4. Ryan's Fancy    Coal town road    2:29    Song for the Mira
  5. Kate MacLeod    The Child    4:32    Constant Emotion- Waterbug
  6. Ed Miller    Walk The Road    3:28    Come Awa' Wi' Me- wellfied records
  7. Red Hen    Both Sides Of The Road    2:38    Crossing- red hen records
  8. James Gordon    Road Kill Hat    2:41    Road Kill Hat - Pipe Street Records
  9. Kat Eggleston    Road To Ruin    3:23    Speak- Waterbug
  10. Beth Wood    Backroads    4:33    The Weather Inside-
  11. Martin Sexton    Freedom Of The Road    5:08    Black Sheep - Eastern Front
  12. Lucy Kaplansky    Woman Of The Road (Lucy Kaplansky)    4:27    Songs ofJack Hardy
  13. Ian Tamblyn    Tiger Lily Road    7:43    Voice In The Wilderness- North Track Rec.
  14. John Denver    Take Me Home Country Roads    3:13    Greatest Hits
  15. The Beatles    The Long And Winding Road    3:40    1

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