Folk Plus with Angela Page
Saturday March 17,

Folk Plus has been hosted by Angela Page since 1993 and enters its 20th year. 
The show blends contemporary folk, plus whatever works to explore the weekly theme.  

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Folk Plus with Angela Page 03/17/2012 02:00PM to 03:00PM

02:01PM-02:03PM (2:40) Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer“Talk to Me” composed by Cathy Fink from Changing Channels on Rounder Kids

02:03PM-02:07PM (3:58) Johnsmith “It's Not About Words” composed by John Smith from to the Four Directions on Blue Pine

02:07PM-02:10PM (2:55) Tamarack “Our White man's Word” composed by James Gordon from On the Grand on Folk Era

02:10PM-02:14PM (4:10) Ellis Paul “WORDS” composed by Ellis Paul from The Speed of Trees

02:14PM-02:18PM (4:15) Cindy Kallet “Before Words” composed by Cindy Kallet from Dreaming Down a Quiet Lineon Stone's Throw Music

02:18PM-02:21PM (3:00) Monty Python “Word Association” from Matching Tie and handkerchief

02:21PM-02:23PM (2:12) Sara Thomsen “Words We Don't Say” from By Breath

02:23PM-02:27PM (3:41) Geoff Bartley “One Kind Word” composed by Geoff Bartley from One Kind Word on Nimbit

02:27PM-02:30PM (3:15) Coco and Lafe “words” from Big Bang on Skyhunter Music

02:30PM-02:35PM (4:45) Kitty Donohoe “There Are No Words” composed by Kitty Donohoe from Northern Border onRoheen Records

02:35PM-02:40PM (5:25) Coyote Run “Them's Fightin' Words” from Ten Years Running - A Retrospective on Run Wild Records

02:40PM-02:45PM (4:26) Cathy Fink and Marcy Marxer “A Chat With Your Mother” composed by Peter Berryman from A Parents' Home Companion on Rounder

02:45PM-02:47PM (2:32) Red Grammer “Use a Word” composed by Red Grammer from Teaching Peace on Red Note

02:47PM-02:51PM (4:05) Lou and Peter Berryman “Talkin' at the same time” composed by Peter Berryman from House Concert on Cornbelt records

02:51PM-02:56PM (4:55) Kitty Donohoe “An Meid Raite” composed by Kitty Donohoe from This Road Tonight onRoheen Records

02:56PM-02:58PM (2:11) Kat Eggleston “The Only Word/The Clumsy Lover” from The Only Word on Redwing Music

Angela plans and records Folk Plus from home due to her extreme chemical sensitivities and John Webber handles audio and web issues for Folk Plus.

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