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April 2
1, 2021

~ Humorous Songs With Sonny Ochs ~

Folk Plus airs Sundays at 4 pm on and also on Wednesday nights on This is a fund drive show and a bit shorter due to pledge drive banter. Some great releases offering up for premiums.
Song Title

Lois Morton
The Diet Is Cast
As I See It

Unnecessary Toil
Breathing Space

Charlie King
Thank You Anita
Vaguely Reminiscent

Phil Ochs
Ballad Of William Worthy
The Best of Broadside

Nancy White
Manly Band
Gaelic Envy and Other Torch Songs

Moxy Früvous
You Will Go To The Moon
You Will Go To The Moon

The Arrogant Worms
I Am Cow
The Best Of the Arrogant Worms

Evans & Doherty
The Silly Slang Song
The World Is What You Make It

Disappear Fear
Draft Dodger Rag
Get Your Phil

Gary Kanter
Drill, Baby, Drill
Goodbye, Dr. Laura

Faith Petric
The Highway Hunter
When Did We Have Sauerkraut?

The Limeliters
Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song
Until We Get It Right

The Limeliters
Folk Rap
Until We Get It Right

Kingston Trio
The Merry Minuet

John Flynn
Minnie Lou


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