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~ Sing Out Review Highlights V.54 No.4 ~
Airing April 14 & April 21 on WJFF & WFTE
Airing April 25 on WIOX

Mustard's Retreat    The First Flower    2:36    Living In The Dream - Yellow Room
Bruce Cockburn    Iris Of The World    3:23    Small Source of Comfort- True North
Freebo   I Don't Believe In Yesterday    4:15    Something To Believe-
Rod MacDonald    Just Because    3:50    Songs Of Freedom- blue flute music-
Bruce Roper    Salon 359    2:01    Accidental English - Waterbug
Eliza Gilkyson    2153    3:21    Roses at the End of Time- Red House Records
Andrew Calhoun    The Little Beggerman    1:52    Grapevine - Waterbug
Andrew Calhoun    Hanging Out The Linen Clothes    1:17    Grapevine - Waterbug
Gillian Welch    The Way It Goes    4:02    The Harrow & The Harvest- Acony
Tom Russell    Mesabi    4:06    Mesabi
Lauren Sheehan    The Memory Of Your Smile    3:09    Rose City Ramble- Wilson River
Robin & Linda Williams    Battling Anthems    2:09    Stonewall Country- Red House
Abbie Gardner    Bang Bang    2:38    Hope -
Kate MacLeod & Kat Eggleston    Rain    4:36    Lost And Found- Waterbug
Housetop    Two Foot Jumpin'    2:25    Two Foot Jumpin' -
Paul Sachs    Oil Town    3:39    Oil Town-
Ray Bonneville    Mississippi    2:33    Bad Man's Blood- Red House
Cahalen Morrison And Eli West    My Bloody Heart    1:50    The Holy Coming Of The Storm
Steve Spurgin    Song For A Winter's Night    4:07    Past Perfect- Blue Night Rec
Snakefarm    Johnny    5:26    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
June Tabor & Oysterband    (When I Was No But) Sweet Sixteen    3:07    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Rj Cowdery    In This Light    3:22    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Abigail Washburn    Last Train    3:57    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Jack Hardy    Ask Questions    4:26    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
David Francey    Pretty Jackals    2:20    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Brian Peters    The Devil's Courtship    4:52    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Joe Crookston    Good Luck John    3:43    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Dan Bern    Economy    4:05    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Ry Cooder    No Banker Left Behind    3:37    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Blue Moose And The Unbuttoned Zippers    Satan's Playground    3:22    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Spuyten Duyvil    Peace With The Damage    4:33    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#4 -
Peter Yarrow    There But For Fortune    4:13    What's That I Hear? - The Songs Of Phil Ochs [Disc 1]
Andrew McKnight    Good Things Matter    3:22    Beyond Borders- Falling Mountain Music
Mary Gauthier    Sugar Cane    4:41    Filth & Fire- Signature Sounds

Who's playing locally
Peter Yarrow - Walton Theatre - April 28
Andrew McKnight - Rock Tavern - April 28
Sputen Dyvel - Beacon Theatre - April 27
Mary Gauthier - Rosendale Cafe - May 5
Livingston Taylor - Delaware Valley Arts Alliance, Tusten Theatre - May 5

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