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2012 Setlists

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Just some of the entries for Falcon Ridge Folk Festival's Emerging Artist Stage

  Saturday May 26  and June 2, 2012
June 6, 2012 in its entirety on WIOX

These two hours consisted of a slice of the entrants for the emerging artist's stage for this years falcon ridge folk festival. Falcon Ridge will be July 27 - 29   this year. See their website for performers and directions at
Friday afternoon begins the festival with 22 artists chosen from hundreds to represent emerging artists in the field of folk.  This hour you will hear just random entries, who allowed downloading from their entry pages.

Alicia McGovern        Our Tiny Little Hearts    3:25    Words Through The Seasons   
Allie Farris            How Is Your Love (Tonight)    3:46       
Bethel Steele            Little Flame    3:38       
Boris McCutcheon    peace with the pines    3:44    Bad Road, Good People   
Burlap To Cashmere    Don't Forget To Write    3:07    Burlap To Cashmere   
Carrie Ferguson        Girls Like Me    3:08    
      Cary Cooper -  Nothing in the Middle - Pink Umbrella
Chris Kokesh        My Name is Barbara Allen    3:07       
Connor Garvey        Western Wind    3:52    Where Ocean Meets Land   
Dan Weber        Hank and Jesus mp3    3:58    Ash and Bone   
Heather Styka        Tightrope Walker    3:11    Lifeboats For Atlantis- kite stripe records   
Heidi Winzinger        Last Farm    2:56    Jersey    Country & Folk
Honor Finnegan        Life Is Short    3:13    The Tiny Life-  
Jamie Kent        Changes    4:07    Navigation     Pop
Jane Fallon        The Boy He Used To Be    4:24       
Jarrod Dickenson    Unemploy    The Lonesome Traveler

John Schmidt - Ophelia 3:45 
Jon Brooks        Because We're Free    4:31    Delicate Cages- JONBROOKS.CA   
Kate Klim        Even When It's Bad    3:51    Kamikaze Love   
Kyle Carey        Resurrection    3:01    Monongah-      
Loretta Hagen        Mud And Stone    4:11    Mud And Stone -     
Mandalyn May        Get Happy Blues Live at Freedom Dance    2:48 
Marc Black - I Love You Rachel Maddow 319 Picture of the Highway     
The Marrieds        Take Me To California (final)    3:28    The Marrieds    
    Pawn Shop Saints        Cotton Mile    1:58          
Rob Lytle - Daddy Knows What Boys Want  
Ryan Tennis        17 Years    4:47    Goodbye To The Ground            
Tony DeSantis        Psalm 136    2:45    Bright Red Sky  
The Vulcans        Auburn Girl    4:02    Shadows   
Wahoo Skiffle Crazies    Rag Mama    2:42    Strange Tales of The Amazing Platypus   
Wandering Bards*        The Good, The Bad & The Ugly theme (Ennio Morricone)    3:34 [*not in WIOX playlist] ]
Ya Yas - You Should Go - Paper Boats      
Ya Y

Alicia McGovern
Salt Lake City, Utah USA
Songwriter Steve Seskin says: she "doesn't just write songs and sing them, she feels them deeply and when you listen to her, you can't help but do the same."

Allie Farris
singer/songwriter and pianist with a powerful voice from Nashville, Tennessee

Bethel Steele
Bethel Steele is a touring singer-songwriter based out of Boston, MA  but at 21 lived outside of poughkeepsie ny and began playing local clubs

Boris McCutcheon
 Singer/Songwriter from Ojo Sarco, New Mexico USA
His works have made it to three different TV shows including Friday Night Lights, and in a Tostino's commercial, also on Lifetime television.
Boris attended the University of California, Santa Cruz specializing in sustainable farming all the while gathering materials for his so

Burlap to Cashmere
from Brooklyn, New York USA

Burlap has sold over 400,000 records world wide and has toured the US, Canada, Europe, Brazil and even Kuwait!
Their new record is on Sony Jive Records produced by the legendary Mitchell Froom (Paul McCartney-Elvis Costello) first husband of Suzanne Vega interviewed recently on Folk Plus.

Carrie Ferguson
from Northampton, Massachusetts USA
 her first full-length solo CD, Riding On the Back of The Wind, in February 2010 with a sold out show at the Iron Horse Music Hall in Northampton, MA.

Chris Kokesh
from Northwest USA  she has 'little stick powered vocals carrying big stick emotional messages, her writing is laid back excellence'

Connor Garvey
folk-funk guitar & ukulele,
from Portland Maine 
Recent Achievements include  winning
songwriting competitions in Texas 2012, Maine 2011, Honorable mention in Rocky men
folk festival and telluride troubadour

Dan Weber
“I love Dan’s songs and he tells really good stories.”
- Ramblin’ Jack Elliot, Legendary Folk Troubadour
Finalist in 2012 Kerrville Folk Festival ‘New Folk’, also a national finalist in the 2010 Dave Carter Songwriting Contest

Heather Styka
Singer/Songwriter from Chicago, Illinois USA
Styka resides in Chicago’s North Side with a large collection of tea and a family of moss terrariums.

Heidi Winzinger
Singer/Songwriter, Riverton, New Jersey USA
A native Jersey girl, Heidi was influenced by old time Country music her father loves. With a dream to work her own farm, Heidi studied agriculture in college while continuously nurturing her love of singing and writing. Today Heidi preserves farmland in New Jersey, supporting local agriculture and an advocate for animal rights and rescue.

Honor Finnegan
New York, New York USA
Ukulele diva, heart-tugger and humorist.
Her newest release "The Tiny Life" came it at #9 on the Folk DJ Charts for February 2012

Jane Fallon
Singer/Songwriter, Brookline, New Hampshire
 Jane was raised in rural California and Oregon in a large musical family.

Jarrod Dickenson
born in Texas, now in Brooklyn NY. He had 
3 cds out, the latest is Lonesome Traveler


John John Schmitt
Singer/Songwriter, Brooklyn, New York USA
2012 Telluride Bluegrass Festival Troubador Competition, Honorable Mention
2008 3rd Place Winner, NY Songwriters Circle Contest
2006 Artvoice Magazine Nominee for Best Musician
Called "one of New York City's best young storytellers," John Schmitt was born and raised in Buffalo

Jon Brooks
Singer/Songwriter King City, ON, Ontario Canada

Upon his return in 1997 from war ruined Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Jon quit writing songs and performing, claiming,
"I'm at least a 1000 books and emotions shy of earning the right to stand behind a microphone."
8 years later - at the suggestion of one of his Canadian literary heroes, Austin Clarke - Jon wiped the dust off his Taylor Jumbo 615.
"Until love and compassion enter all levels of politics, the folk singer is fully employed.”
Winner in International Songwriting Competition - Kerrville NewFolk - Mountain Stage NewSong and Canadian Folk Music Awards

Kate Klim
Nashville, Tennessee USA
Winner and finalist in famous competitions:Telluride and Kerville, Mountain stage
Kate Klim was 5 years old when her family inherited a piano, 9 years old when she received her first lesson, and 11 years old
 when an unsuccessful audition for the film "Life with Mikey" caused her to  turn to music.

Kyle Carey
Cambridge, Mass
An artist with a celtic flare

Loretta Hagen
Rich alto vocals.  A 2011 winner of the New Jersey Folk Festival Songwriter Competition, Loretta recently released her third CD, Mud and Stone,
“Mud and Stone will be a treasure for weeks, months, and years to come” Ron Olesko WFDU-FM Traditions 89.1

Mandalyn May
Cool, California USA
Mandalyn plays rhythmic ukulele love songs and soulful guitar ballads, on both coasts of the US and across the pond.

Marc Black
Singer/Songwriter from Katonah, New York USA
After college, he moved to Woodstock, NY. His release is Pictures of the Highway

The Marrieds
from London, Ontario, Canada
 The Marrieds in December 2010 when they posted 3 snow day songs on Youtube during “Snowmageddon.” The songs received over 10 000 views in a couple of days and captured the attention of CBC Radio, making them "The Sound of the Day" across Canada.     

Pawn Shop Saints
Berkshire County, Massachusetts USA

Rob Lytle
Singer/Songwriter from Apex, North Carolina
He currently splits his time between Raleigh, NC and Oak Bluffs, MA.

Ryan Tennis
an All-American college football player turned singer/songwriter, from Philly Pa.

Tony DeSantis
Collingswood, New Jersey

The Vulcans
Nick Lindsay - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, mandolin
Aaron Spangler - Banjo, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, mandolin
John Thomas - Banjo, Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica, mandolin

The Vulcans are an Americana trio from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, founded in search of a more understated and traditional style of music emphasizing unique harmonies, sincere lyrics, and tight musicality.

Wahoo Skiffle Crazies
Staten Island, New York USA
The Wahoo Skiffle Crazies are an 8-piece acoustic jug band from Staten Island, NY. Including washtub bass, bowed saw, washboard and jug, among other things, the Wahoos offer a home-made, post-modern, time-traveling, gonzo-folk take on traditional jug band tunes and originals.

Catherine Miles - Vocals
Jay Mafale - Vocals, Guitar
Paul Silverman - Piano
Catherine Miles and Paul Silverman became friends in college, meeting Jay Mafale a few years later while performing with a theatre company. At first, the three got together to play just for the fun of it.  On her honeymoon with Jay, Catherine Catherine was thrown from a horse and broke her back.

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