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~ Mercy and No Mercy ~
Airing June 23, 2012 and June 30 on WJFF & WFTE
Airing July 4, 2012 on WIOX

Songs about mercy

Joe Crookston    Mary Gauthier    Mercy Now    5:09    Darkling & the BlueBird Jubilee - Maligrito Records   
Laura Smith        No Call for Mercy    3:45    B'tween the Earth and My Soul Cornermuse Recordings  
Heather Katz        No Call For Mercy    3:45    Tell Mama-   
Edwin McCain        Mercy Bound    5:03    Mercy Bound- 429 Records   
Gina Forsyth        Lord Have Mercy    2:36    Promised Land- Waterbug   
Jon Brooks        Mercy    2:52    Delicate Cages- JONBROOKS.CA   
Kat Eggleston        Mercy    3:09    The Only Word    Country & Folk
Leonard Cohen        Sisters Of Mercy    3:37    Songs Of Leonard Cohen   
The Marigolds        Heart Have Mercy    4:21    The Marigolds- the   
Kate Mcdonnell        Mercy    4:17    Where The Mangoes Are- Appleseed   
Eliza Gilkyson    Eliza Gilkyson    Tender Mercies    4:25    Land Of Milk And Honey- Red House   
Craig Bickhardt    Craig Bickhardt    You Are What Love Means To Me ("Tender Mercies" Theme)    4:18    No Road Back A Retrospective   
                    Little Toby Walker        Death Don't Have No Mercy    3:50    Toby Walker Plays Well With Others-  
Paul Geremia        Death Don't Have No Mercy    4:21    Love My Stuff- Red House   
**Ramblin' Jack Elliott        Ramblin' Jack Elliott - Death Don't Have No Mercy    6:21

**on WJFF and WFTE Ramblin' Jack was replaced by a minute of Rod MacDonald promo for

and a minute Magpie promo for Maris Hearn annual concert

Songs about No Mercy and cruelty

Taylor Swift “Mean” from Mean - Single on Universal Music Group International

 Sweet Honey in the ROck “This Is a Mean World” from In This Land on Earthbeat! Records

 Woody Guthrie “Mean Talking Blues” from
Hard Travelin' (The Asch Recordings Vol. 3)

Herdman, Hills, Mangsen “Katy Cruel” from Voices

 Kate Rusby “Cruel” from Underneath The Stars on Compass

 Justin Rutledge “Don't You Be So Mean” from Don't You Be So Mean

 Lynn Miles “Love Doesn't Hurt” composed by Lynn Miles from Fall for Beauty on True North Records

 Laura Smith “Yes Harm Done” from It's a Personal Thing on
Cornermuse recordings

 John Flynn “Two Wolves” from Two Wolves on Mettafour Records

 Rodney Crowell “U Don't Know How Much I Hate You” from The Houston Kid on Sugar Hill Records

Suzanne Vega “Luka” composed by Suzanne Vega from Solitude Standing on A&M

 Louden Wainwright III “Hitting You” from HISTORY on Charisma Records

 Michael McNevin “BULLY” from In the Rough on Mudpuddle Music

 Rod MacDonald “137 executions” from Recognition on
Wind River

 John Flynn “FULL CIRCLE” from Dragon on Mettafour Records

Vance Gilbert “Why Are We So Cruel?” from One Thru Fourteen
Dissimy Music -

 Sons of the Never Wrong “Talk about suffering” from church of the never wrong


Magpie will be appearing Saturday June 30th, at the Callicoon Youth Center for a tribute to the late activist and WjFF DJ Maris Hearn

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