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~ Rise UP Singing, Savoca ~
Airing July 7, 2012 and July 14 on WJFF & WFTE
Airing July 25, 2012 on WIOX

Airing July 7, 2012
Airing July 25, 2012 on WIOX

Rise Up Singing from Sing Out
Interview With Karen Savoca and Pete Heitman

Steve Goodman    M. Smith    The Dutchman    4:21    Somebody Else's Troubles    Country & Folk
Peter paul and Mary        day is Done    3:24       
John Prine    John Prine    Angel from Montgomery    3:43    John Prine    Folk
Joe Jencks        Step By Step    2:25    Rise As One    Country & Folk
The Limeliters    B Stains    Place In The Choir, A    2:36    Until We Get It Right!- GNP-Crscendo Rec Co   
Buffy Sainte-Marie        Piney Wood Hills    3:08    The Best Of- Vanguard   

Interview with Pete Heitzman and Karen Savoca, following Pete's inclusion in Acoustic Guitar Magazine last month.
They will be appearing July 21, 2012 at Cooperage in Honesdale, 8pm.

Portions or complete songs played during this interview include:
Love is a Hammer
Last Night on Earth
Almost Fine
Here They Come
Same All Over


Airing  July 14 on WJFF & WFTE
Airing July 25, 2012 on WIOX

Lavin, Paxton, Curtis, Chapin, yarrow...    Doug Mishkin recorded expanded version of "We Are All Woody's Children"    Woody's Children_6_9 JD2    4:48   
DavidBuskin & Robin Batteau:  2ndverse               
AztecTwo-Step (Rex Fowler & Neal Shulman): 3rd verse               
ChristineLavin & Guy Davis: 4th verse               
TomPaxton & Catie Curtis:  5thverse               
PeteSeeger: vocal over instrumental break               
TomChapin: 1st half                
Girlyman        Amaze Me    4:15    Remember Who I Am Clever Shark Rec
Eddie From Ohio        Stupid American    3:35    Looking Out The Fishbowl
Brotehr Sun - Joe jencks        Joe Jencks FP ID    0:05   
Brother Sun        Highway 4AM (Driving)    4:23    Brother Sun -
        Greg Greenway FP ID    0:06   
Storyhill        Give Up The Ghost    4:10    Storyhill
Tracy Grammer (with Donny Wright)        Ordinary Town    3:20    Winterfolk XV - waterbug
Katrina Neilds         Katrina Neilds - FP     0:06    Album
The Neilds        Keys to the Kingdom    4:03    Massachusets for Folk
John Flynn        Democracy (The Weed)    2:59    The End Of The Beginning -John Flynn Records
        FolkPlusIDHolly    0:07   
Holly Near        Simply Love    2:49    And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection [Disc 1]-Calico Tracks
Holly Near        Holly at falcon ridge    0:03   
Ellis        ID Ellis    0:07    Live from NERFA 2009
Ellis        Coffee Song    3:28    Right On Time
Rod MacDonald    Rod MacDonald    I'll Walk In The Highlands    4:02    After The Wars- Blue Flute Music
Spuyten Duyvil        Judge Not    4:15    New Amsterdam
Frank Solivan And Dirty Kitchen        Runaway Ramp    3:20    Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen
Louise Mosrie    Louise Mosrie    Don't Come Lookin' For Me    3:24    Home
Pesky J. Nixon    Ethan Scott Baird/Jacob Bush    Who Will Love You?    3:04    Monkey Business & Mislaid Hopes

Karen Savoca and Pete Heitzman July 21st 2012 at Cooperage in Honesdale, 8pm.

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