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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme:
50 Shades of Canadians
Airing August 4, 2012 on WFTE [3pm] and WJFF [2pm] Part One
Airing August 11, 2012
WFTE [3pm] and WJFF [2pm] Part Two
Airing August 22nd 10 am on WIOX in it's entirety

Aengus Finnan        One Hand on the Radio    3:00    North Wind    Country & Folk
Chic Gamine        Butterfly Woman     4:30       
Crabtree & Mills        Chat re  Ballad for Lee    0:28    Freedom CD Release   
Crabtree&Mills        Ballad For Lee    3:32    Freedom- free & Easy Music    Canadian
Dave Gunning    traditional/ arrangement Dave Gunning and JP Cormier    Broom o' the Cowdenknowes    4:19    ... a tribute to John Allan Cameron    Folk
David Carr        Catskills To Owen Sound    1:27    Live at SummerFolk2008    Blues
Lynn Miles        The Venus Motel    2:59    Chalk This One Up To The Moon    Country & Folk
James Gordon        A Canadian Heritage Minute    1:14    Road Kill Hat    Country & Folk
Gordon Lightfoot        Wherefore And Why    2:48    Gord's Gold    Country & Folk
Eileen McGann        Island Home    3:47    Beyond The Storm-   
Garnet Rogers        Beauty Game    3:26    Summer Lightening - Snow Goose   
Stan Rogers    Stan Rogers    Lies    5:44    The Very Best of Stan Rogers    Country & Folk
Nathan Rogers        The Ballad of William and John Gibson (Part One: Spark of Life)    3:14    True Stories    Country & Folk
Galant Tu Perds Ton Temps ID        Galant french ID    0:44       
Galant Tu Perds TOn Temps        Les Promesses Du Galant    2:11     EP - Wooden Ship productions    French
Modabo        Hold Tight    3:53    Modabo- Atlantica   
Serena Ryder        Weak In The Knees (Album Version)    3:43    Is It O.K-    Country & Folk

Justin Rutledge        Be A Man    4:32    The Early Widows- Six Shooter   
Sultans Of Strings    Chris McKhool/Kevin Laliberte    Stomping at the Rex    3:22    Yalla Yalla! -    Canadian

James Keelaghan    James Keelaghan    My Skies    3:12    My Skies   
Rose Cousins        Good Enough    3:51    If You Were For Me    Other
David Francey        Paper Boy Introduction (Live)    1:20    The First Set    Country & Folk
David Francey        Paper Boy (Live)    2:24    The First Set    Country & Folk
Tamarack        Our White Man's Word    2:55    On The Grand - FOlk Era    Latin
Mike Ford        FolkPlus-ID    0:06    SummerFolk 2008    Blues
Mike Ford    Mike Ford    I've Been Everywhere    2:48    Canada Needs You (Volume One)    Alternative & Punk
Jon Brooks        When We Go    4:01    Moth Nor Rust-    Country & Folk
The Once    The Once, George Murray    Song For Memory    4:16    Row Upon Row of the People They Know- Borealis    Canadian
Eve Goldberg        WJFF Station ID    0:09    SummerFolk 2008    Blues
Eve Goldberg        Rosie the Riveter    3:17    Crossing The Water- Borealis   
The Good Lovelies        Baby, I Got My Way    2:12    Good Lovelies- Six Shooter Rec   
Finest Kind        Give Me Just A Little More Time    2:31    Lost In A Song   
Jory  Nash        ID JOry Nash Folk Plus ID    0:13    Live at SummerFolk 2008    Blues
Nash, Jory        God Don't Know Me Anymore    3:10    New Blue Day- Thin Man Records    Country & Folk
Kat Goldman        Harvard Boys    3:06    Gypsy Girl -   
Le Vent Du Nord    Le Vent Du Nord    La Veillée Chez Poirier    2:59    Dans Les Airs    Traditional
SteveRitchie        ID-SteveRitchie-Tanglefoot    0:11    SummerFolk 2010    Blues
Tanglefoot    Al Parish, Steve Ritchie, Terry Snider    The Whisky Trick    2:51    Dance Like Flames   
The Wailin' Jennys        Saucy Sailor    3:11    40 Days- Red House   
Matapat    Trad    Matapat    2:53    Matapat- borealis    Canadian
Teresa Doyle        Colcannon    1:56    Dance To Your Daddy    Country & Folk  [WJFF/WFTE]
Tom Leighton        Point Du Sheen Girl    0:39    Live at SummerFolk 2008    Blues
Mark Haines & Tom Leighton        The Point Du Chene Girl    3:48    Hand To Hand    Folk

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