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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Pairs
  Saturday September 8, 2012
September 19  2012 hour one on WIOX

Brad Cole    Brad Cole    Cry Cry Cry    3:59    Down The Line
Cry Cry Cry        By Way Of Sorrow    3:03    Cry Cry Cry- razor & tie

The Claytones        Call Your Lover's Name    3:58    Lake in the Night
Emma's Revolution        If I Give Your Name    4:59    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions

Holly Near    Holly Near    Crazy    3:27    Peace Becomes You -
Terri Allard Reckless Abadon Music        La La Rosie Goes    3:13    Loose Change And Spare Parts

Jon Brooks        Cage Fighter    4:39    Delicate Cages- JONBROOKS.CA
Bruce Cockburn        Pacing the Cage    5:05    Slice O Life - Live Solo - ROUNDER.COM

Kate Klim        Porcelain Doll    4:45    Kamikaze Love-
Chuck Hall        dollmakerssecret    3:30    Fast Folk Musical Magazine

Lynn Miles        Only Way Out    2:25    Black Flowers Vol.3 -
Lui Collins        Baptism Of Fire    3:58    Baptism Of Fire Green Linnet

Marci Geller    Marci Geller    Jack Sang On-Tribute to Jack Hardy    3:49    Marci Geller - Open Book

Jack Hardy    Jack Hardy    The Inner Man    4:31    Landmark

Folk Plus Theme: Roads [re-airing]
Saturday September 15, 2012 WFTE, WJFF,
September 19  2012 hour two on WIOX

Dave Van Ronk    Green, Green Rocky Road (8/26/77)    5:35    Philadelphia Folk Festival - 40th Anniversary [Disc 1]-Sliced Bread
James Keelaghan    Love What A Road (LP Version)    3:14    Road- Tranquilla Music
Artisan    Roads    2:14    Rocking At The End Of Time
Ryan's Fancy    Coal town road    2:29    Song for the Mira
Kate MacLeod    The Child    4:32    Constant Emotion- Waterbug
Ed Miller    Walk The Road    3:28    Come Awa' Wi' Me- wellfied records
Red Hen    Both Sides Of The Road    2:38    Crossing- red hen records
James Gordon    Road Kill Hat    2:41    Road Kill Hat - Pipe Street Records
Kat Eggleston    Road To Ruin    3:23    Speak- Waterbug
Beth Wood    Backroads    4:33    The Weather Inside-
Martin Sexton    Freedom Of The Road    5:08    Black Sheep - Eastern Front
Lucy Kaplansky    Woman Of The Road (Lucy Kaplansky)    4:27    Songs ofJack Hardy
Ian Tamblyn    Tiger Lily Road    7:43    Voice In The Wilderness- North Track Rec.
John Denver    Take Me Home Country Roads    3:13    Greatest Hits
The Beatles    The Long And Winding Road    3:40  

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