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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Yards, Mistakes plus

  Saturday September 22   2012
Sept 26, 2012 as hour one  WIOX

Kasey Chambers        Nullarbor (The Biggest Backyard)    2:24    Little Bird [Disc 1]- Essence Music Australia    Country & Folk
Artisan        NIMBY    2:25    Our Back Yard    Rock
Phil Teumim        In My Back yard: wind pwer    3:30    All Over The Map -   
Jeremy Messersmith        A Girl, A Boy, And A Graveyard    3:11    Songs From Sing Out! V.54#2    Country & Folk
Antje Duvekot        Ragdoll Princes & Junkyard Queens    3:04    The Near Demise Of The High Wire Dancer-    Country & Folk
Karan Casey & John Doyle    David Wilde    The Shipyard Slips    4:02    Exiles Return- Compass 2010   
Vickie Russell        Yard Sale    2:59    Next-   
Andrew McKnight        Flowers in My Yard    3:28    Beyond Borders- Falling Mountain Music    Country & Folk
Loudon Wainwright III    Loudon Wainwright III    Graveyard    2:15    Last Man on Earth- red house   
The Roches        Hammond Song    5:46    The Roches- Warner Bros   
Lisa Haley    Lisa Haley    I Made A Big Mistake    4:15    Joy Ride    Country & Folk
Susan Werner        Old Mistake    4:27    Time Between Trains Bottom Line Rec    Country & Folk
David Wilcox    David Wilcox    Big Mistake    4:09    Big Horizon    Country & Folk
West Of Eden        Safe Crossing    4:11    Safe Crossing   
Tom Irwin        Corn To Shuck    2:44    Sangamon Songs Clyded Rec.   
Ellis Paul        Chief Joseph    4:03    The Hero In You - black wolf

Folk Plus Theme: New
  Saturday September 29,   2012
  on WFTE, WJFF,
Sept 26, 2012 as hour two on  WIOX

Lucy Kaplansky        Mother's Day    3:21    Reunion- red house
Jimmy LaFave        Living In Your Light    4:47    Depending On The Distance
John Wort Hannam        Out Here    3:10    Brambles And Thorns- borealis
Liz Mitchell    Liz Mitchell    Karine    3:53    Pretty House
Moore Brothers Band        Pig In A Pen    1:50    Pick It Brother
Rebecca Loebe        High & Lonesome    3:11    Circus Heart-
Runa        The Maid That Sold Her Barley    3:29    Somewhere Along The Road
Gathering Time        Sweet Cider    2:28    Red Apples And Gold
Bobtown        Mama's Got The Backbeat    3:48    Trouble I Wrought
The Hard Road Trio        Crack In The Sky    3:32    Monticello
Four Bitchin' Babes    Various    Ukulele Pick-Me-Up    3:22    Mid Life Vices- Hem and Haw Prod
The Rain Crows        Cotton Candy Sky    4:28    Looks Like Rain
Ali Marcus        05 Of Homes and Loved Ones    4:19    Americana Hotel
Mary Black        All The Fine Young Men    4:14    Stories from The Steeples-
[*not wiox] *Erin Thomas    Erin Thomas    You Don't Know Me    3:33    You Don't Know Me  

Connor Garvey at the Cooperage. 1030 Main St. in Honesdale, Pa. Wed. October 3rd, 2012: Riverfolk Concert Series

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