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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Politics in Song

  Saturday October 6  2012
October 10, 2012 in its entirety on WIOX

Magpie    Phil Ochs    Power And The Glory    3:06    What's That I Hear? - The Songs Of Phil Ochs [Disc 1]
        PHIL OCHS There But For Fortune - THEATRICAL TRAILER    2:10   
The Capitol Steps        Presidentmusic    0:08    Springtime For Liberals
Chuck Brodsky        He Came To Our Town    3:41    Two Sets
Rod MacDonald        Big Money    2:33    Songs Of Freedom- blue flute music-
Jay Mankita        They Lied    4:37    Dogs Are Watching Us
Rebel Voices    Ray Glaser & Bill Wolff    Same Merry-Go-Round    1:48    A Piece Of The Wall
Oscar Brand    Brand, Oscar    Fair and Free Elections    0:29    Presidential Campaign Songs
The Capitol Steps        Congress, It is A-Changin'    1:42    Springtime For Liberals
Sara Thomsen        Is It For Freedom?    4:33    Fertile Ground
Trevor Mills        Military Government Contract    4:03    Karaoke Cowboy Top Quark Productions
Roy Zimmerman    Roy Zimmerman    Homeland Security    3:37    Security
Eileen McGann    Eileen McGann    No Country's Law    3:13    Beyond The Storm-
Rebel Voices    Valerie DePriest/Gayle Gingrich    Borderlines    3:26    A Piece Of The Wall
Utah Phillips    Bruce "U. Utah" Phillips    Talking N.P.R. Blues    2:05    Starlight On The Rails - A Songbook
David Ippolito    David Ippolito    Where'dat Money Go    4:46    Common Ground-
Jerry Mills        The Government Bailout Solo  10_15_08    3:29    The Government Bailout
Roy Zimmerman    Roy Zimmerman & Melanie Harby    The Unions Are To Blame    3:34    You're Getting Sleepy- metaphor rec
Hugh Blumenfeld        America Redux    3:09    Barehanded- prime cd

Folk Plus Theme: Politics in Song Part 2
Saturday October 13,  2012 WFTE, WJFF,
October 10, 2012 in its entirety on WIOX

Chris Lavin        Christine LavinINTROThe Star Spangled Bill Of Rights    0:33   
Christine Lavin        Star-Spangled bill of rights SLOWER    1:23    Live
Gordon James        I'se The Politically Correct B'ye    4:32    Songs From Basic Black
Adam Brodsky    Adam Brodsky    Uncivil Rights    3:04    Hookers, Hicks & Heebs (Soiled Doves, Country Gentlemen & The Shoah) Permanent Red
Pete Seeger        This Machine Kills Fascists (Spoken Word)    1:04    Pete Remembers Woody [Disc 2]- appleseed
Monty Python        Election Forum    0:45    Matching Tie And Handkerchief
Anne Feeney        Have You Been to Jail for Justice?    2:39    Have You Been to Jail for Justice?
The Capitol Steps        04 GeorgeToNationShort    1:34    Springtime For Liberals@
David Roth        Gush Or Bore    3:42    Think Twice - wind river
Michael McNevin        Fuzzy Math    3:18   
Ellen Bukstel        Intro They Lost My Vote    0:06    Live from NERFA 2009
Ellen Bukstel        They Lost My Vote    3:35    Daddy's Little Girl-
The Burns Sisters        I Am a Patriot    4:31    Close to Home
Jack Hardy        JackOnPatriotismAndFreedoms    1:27   
(My voice can be heard, answering Jack when "Planning A Set".) Kevin Jones               
Hardy & Massengill        The Worst President Ever    4:51    The Folk Brothers: Partners In Crime-  great divide
Eileen McGann    Eileen Mc Gann    Too Stupid For Democracy    2:59    Journeys- DRAGONWING
Utah Phillips        Stupid's Pledge    0:17    I've Got To Know
The Capitol Steps        A Leader Like Barack    2:39    Springtime For Liberals
Charlie King & Karen Brandow    Roy Zimmerman    Defenders Of Marriage    2:52    ... On The Journey-
Roy Zimmerman    Roy Zimmerman & Melanie Harby    Vote Republican    3:44    You're Getting Sleepy- metaphor rec
Jack Hardy        I Ought To Know    3:35    Omens
Andras Jones        Hold Your Nose and Vote    4:55    A Curmudgeon For All Seasons

Roy zimmerman is appearing Saturday October 20th 2012 as part of his 50 state election tour at a house concert
on Hess Rd in North Branch, NY for riverfolkconcerts

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