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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Story Songs

  Saturday October  20  2012
October 24, 2012 as hour one on WIOX

1. Stan Rogers        Harris And The Mare    7:04    Between The Breaks... Live!

2. David Massengill        Sierra Blanca Massacre    4:21    Twilight The Taj Mahal
The story of immigrant workers trying to cross into the U.S.

3. Joe Jencks        Christmas In Mansfield    7:09    Rise As One
Joe says: "My friend Bruce Bostic asked me to go with him to meet and interview some of the members of the United Steel Workers of America USWA Local 169 in Mansfield, OH.  They were locked out for more than 4 years. Their motto is "We'll be stronger, one day longer!" After getting to know them a bit I really wanted to honor their struggle, faith, perseverance, solidarity, and tremendous courage.  Labor issues don't just affect workers; they impact entire communities.  The "Women of Steel" have done some tremendous solidarity work in Mansfield and at large."

4. Laura Burns and Roger Rosen        Kilkelly, Ireland    5:59    Fast Folk (Disc 1)

5. James Keelaghan    James Keelaghan    Kiri's Piano    4:59    My Skies
In February 19, 1942, soon after the beginning of World War II, Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066. The evacuation order commenced the round-up of 120,000 Americans of Japanese heritage to one of 10 internment camps—officially called "relocation centers"—in California, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Wyoming, Colorado, and Arkansas. This was  fueled by anti-Japanese sentiment among farmers who competed against Japanese labor, politicians who sided with anti-Japanese constituencies, and the general public angered by the Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor. More than two-thirds of the Japanese who were interned in the spring of 1942 were citizens of the United States.    In Canada, similar evacuation orders were established. Nearly 23,000 Canadians of Japanese descent, were sent to camps in British Columbia. It was the greatest mass movement in the history of Canada.

6. Cry Cry Cry   [ by James Keelagan]   Cold Missouri Waters    4:34    Cry Cry Cry- razor & tie
August 5, 1945, it was 97 degrees in the The Mann Gulch and lightening hit in the Helena National Forest, Montana. The fire that began quickly spread and jumped taking the lives of 13 firefighters including 12 smoke jumpers who were parachuted into the area to fight the fire, but could not to control it.

7. Chuck Brodsky        Dock Ellis' No-No    4:48    The Baseball Ballads
On June 12, 1970, Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates. In 136 years of baseball history, only 276 no-hitters have been recorded. Dock is the only pitcher to ever claim he did it while high on LSD.

8. David Wilcox    David Wilcox    Johnny's Camaro    8:53    East Asheville Hardware [Live]

9. Maria Dunn        Maggie Thompson    4:30    For a Song
Maggie Thompson went for decades to the police dep't in Lucan, Ontario, to ask what was being done to solve the murders of the Donnelly family. Thompson was in love with one of the Donnelly boys.

10. David Roth        Fateful Intersection    6:12    Think Twice:[Disc 1]: Once-  wind river records
Crown Heights, brooklyn, A station wagon driven by Yosef Lifsh, ran onto the sidewalk Monday, August 19, 1991 The station wagon crushed two black children, 7-year-old cousins Gavin and Angela Cato, and Gavin died. Riots began, and 29 year old Yankel Rosenbaum was knifed to death, as apparent retribution. David Roth gives the story of how the families came together to preach love not hate in the madness.

Folk Plus Theme: Women with Sonny Ochs
  Saturday October  27  2012
October 24, 2012 as hour two on WIOX

Sonny joins Angela to chat about some women and their singing

Holly Near    Holly Near    One Good Song    3:12    Peace Becomes You
Lynn Miles        All I Ever Wanted    4:36    Chalk This One Up To The Moon
Nancy Tucker        16 Frank Stein    3:00   
Nancy White        And I Copied It    2:54    Stickers On Fruit
Terri Hendrix    Lloyd Maines    Monopoly    3:43    The Art of Removing Wallpaper- Wilory Rec.
Cosy Sheridan        Higher Financial Reform    2:44    The Horse King- Waterbug
Faith Petric    Various    Rock Me to Sleep    2:50    Faith's Favorites
Lucy Kaplansky        Reunion    3:44    Reunion- red house
Penny Lang        Firewater    2:42    Ain't Life Sweet
Cheryl Wheeler        YourGod    2:18   
Wishing Chair        Bully Circus    3:15    Underdog
Emma's Revolution        Silent Spring    3:40    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions
Eva Cassidy        Autumn Leaves    4:41    Songbird

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