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Folk Plus Theme: Pete Seeger remembers Woody Guthrie

thanks to appleseed for allowing me to
air this two cd disc over these two weeks, and for two hours at WIOX

  Saturday Nov 10,  2012
2 pm - 4 pm WFTE, WJFF,
Nov 7,  2012  10 am - noon WIOX

Pete Seeger        Pete Meets Woody (Spoken Word)    2:34
Pete Seeger        Are There Any Mountains Near Here? (Spoken Word)    1:11
Pete Seeger        Woody Writes "This Land Is Your Land" (Spoken Word)    1:53
Pete Seeger        America Learns "This Land Is Your Land" (Spoken Word)    1:15
Pete Seeger        My Big Education (Spoken Word)    1:28
Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger        66 Highway Blues    2:13
Pete Seeger        How To Sing In Saloons (Spoken Word)    1:10
Pete Seeger        Riding The Freights (Spoken Word)    1:25
Pete Seeger        Rambling The Appalachians (Spoken Word)    3:12
Work O' The Weavers        Which Side Are You On?    2:59
Pete Seeger        You'd Better Get Them Singing (Spoken Word)    1:45
Vanaver Caravan        Union Maid    2:09
Pete Seeger        Songs Woody Liked (Spoken Word)    1:59
Woody Guthrie & Cisco Houston        New York Town    2:35
Pete Seeger        Reading And Writing (Spoken Word)    3:31
Pete Seeger        The Minstrel Song (Spoken Word)    1:46
Pete Seeger        On The Radio, Tom Mooney And Will Geer (Spoken Word)    3:03
Vanaver Caravan        Do Re Mi    3:25
Pete Seeger        Woody Sez (Spoken Vocal)    1:09
Pete Seeger        Why Do You Stand There In The Rain (Spoken Vocal)    1:25
Pete Seeger        The Flip-Flop (Spoken Word)    1:10
Pete Seeger        The Almanacs Go West (Spoken Word)    2:54
The Almanac Singers        The Sinking Of The Reuben James    3:25
Pete Seeger        The Folk Process (Spoken Word)    0:21
Woody GUthrie- Hard Travelin', fade out....

This cut only on WJFF and WFTE on Nov 3 airing, online only due to sandy outage:

Joe Crookston Nov 4th in Honesdale at the Cooperage tomorrow:
Joe Crookston - Bird by Bird   Able Baker Charlie and Dog Meligrito Rec.

This cuts only on WJFF and WFTE on Nov 10
Steve Forbert & Jack hardy _ This Land is Your Land from the Coop


Pete Seeger        From WWII to The Weavers    2:45
Pete Seeger        Just Make It A General Song    0:53
Work O' The Weavers        So Long It's Been Good To Know Yuh!    3:15
Pete Seeger        The Last Time I Heard Woody Sing    1:45
Bill Vanaver        Pastures Of Plenty    4:33
Pete Seeger        The Freest Place On Earth (Spoken Word)    1:40
Pete Seeger        This Machine Kills Fascists (Spoken Word)    1:04
Pete Seeger        Little Arlo Writes Things Down (Spoken Word)    1:25
Pete Seeger        Woody In The Balcony (Spoken Word)    1:47
Work O' The Weavers        This Land Is Your Land    5:04
Pete Seeger        The Last Visit (Spoken Word)    1:08
Work O' The Weavers        My Peace    2:34
Pete Seeger        Woody Lives On (Spoken Word)    0:41
Fred Gillen Jr        I Ain't Got No Home    4:51
Cathy Fink        Howdy Little Newlycome    4:14
Amy Fradon        Peace Pin Boogie    3:39
David Bernz        Woody's "Rulin's"    4:01
Steve Kirkman        I've Got To Know    5:43
David Bernz        Woody's Ghost - Part 3    1:22

This cuts only on WJFF and WFTE on Nov 10

Chad Mitchell Trio - Great Historical Bum - Live From Bitter End

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