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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Fund Drive

  Saturday December 1, 2012

Garrison Keillor, Clint Eastwood, Angela Lovell    Cindy Lovell & Mark Twain (Narration); Carl Jackson (Background Score)    It was a mighty nice family...    3:50    Mark Twain: Words & Music [Disc 1]    Country & Folk
Sheryl Crow    Cindy Lovell & Mark Twain (Narration); Carl Jackson (Background Score)    Beautiful Dreamer    2:06    Mark Twain: Words & Music [Disc 1]    Country & Folk
Jimmy Buffett, Garrison Keillor, Clint Eastwood    Cindy Lovell & Mark Twain (Narration); Stephen Earl Foster (Background Score)    Don't scrunch up like that, Huckleberry...    2:11    Mark Twain: Words & Music [Disc 2]    Country & Folk
Ellen Bukstel & Nick Annis        By My Silence    3:42       
Eric Andersen        Golden Bird    2:48    Waves (great American Song Series Vol. 2)- appleseed   
Happy Traum        ID HappyTraum    0:11    Album   
John Prine    John Prine    Dear Abby    4:21    Prime Prine: The Best Of John Prine   
Jackson Browne & David Lindley    Jackson Browne    Running On Empty [Live]    6:35    Love Is Strange [Live] [Disc 2] - Inside Recordings   
Sultans Of String    Neil Young, Arr. Sultans Of String    Heart Of Gold    3:00    Move -    Other
Michael Jerome Browne        Doin' My Time    3:29    The Road is Dark - borealis    Blues
Old Man Luedecke & Lake of Stew        07 Biscuit Crumb Ditty    2:53    Sing All About It EP   
Aztec Two-Step        Living In America    4:40    Cause & Effect-Red Engine Rec -    Country & Folk
Frank Solivan And Dirty Kitchen        July You're A Woman    4:01    Frank Solivan and Dirty Kitchen    Country & Folk
Ellis        ID Ellis    0:07    Live from NERFA 2009    Folk
Barry Louis Polisar        The Alphabet Song    1:41    Teacher's Favorites    Children's
Peter Alsop    Peter Alsop    So-So Security    1:46    Disciples Of Perfection    Children's humor
Peter Alsop    Peter Alsop    When The Women Say No    3:25    Disciples Of Perfection    Children's humor
Randall Williams    Vance Gilbert, Jim Infantino & Jan Luby    Rudolph Rap    1:39    Hudson Harding Sampler - Happy Holidays: Volume 3    Holiday
Ellis        Coffee Song    3:28    Right On Time   
Dixie Chicks    Dan Wilson/Emily Burns Erwin Robison    Not Ready To Make Nice    3:58    Taking The Long Way-   
Molasses Creek    Billy Mayhew    It's A Sin To Tell A Lie    2:51    An Island Out Of Time - soundside records   
Rebecca Loebe        Darlin    4:35    Circus Heart    Pop
Roy Schneider    Roy Schneider    The Signs    3:20    Walls that Talk    Country & Folk
Ben Bedford        Guinevere Is Sleeping    3:15    What We Lost- waterbug   

Folk Plus Theme:  TRIOS December 1, 2012 3 - 4 p.m.

Girlyman    On The Air    3:16    Little Star Daemon Rec
The Three Altos    Three Women    3:40    One
The Burns Sisters    I Am a Patriot    4:31    Close to Home
The Roches    Want Not Want Not    2:56    Keep On Doing- Warner Brothers
The Chenille Sisters    Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm    3:39    Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythm
Wyrd Sisters    Farewell To Clayoquot Sound    4:05    Inside The Dreaming
    Arrogant worms fp ID    0:07   
The Arrogant Worms    Uncle Lou    2:19    Torpid
We're About 9    For One More    3:17     Paperdust :: Stardust -
Gathering Time    It's Just So    3:16    Red apples & Gold-
Tamarack    Teamwork    2:49    Fields Of Rock & Snow
Herdman Hills And Mangsen    Katy Cruel    2:41    Voices
Sons Of The Never Wrong    With or With    2:53    3 Good Reasons -Waterbug
Hot Soup    Humoresque    1:08    Hot Soup!-
The Andrews Sisters    Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy    2:45    Cocktail Hour [Disc 1]-
The Little Stevies    Last Summer's Day    2:04    Attention Shoppers- 45Records
The Stray Birds    Down in the Willow Garden    2:58    Borderland
Mad Agnes    A Manic-Depressive Madrigal    2:43    Magic Hour -
Artisan    I'll Sail No More    3:28    Breathing Space

Folk Plus Theme: TRIOS continued on  December 5, 2012 10 am - noon

The Once    Willie Taylor    3:04    The Once- Borealis
Red Horse    Wayfaring Stranger (feat. Eliza Gilkyson & John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky)    3:32    Red Horse- Red House
Uncle Bonsai    Half of the People    1:56    The Grim Parade
Yaya    You Should Go    3:46    Paper Boats
The Marigolds [Gwen Swick, Caitlin Hanford, Suzie Vinnick]    Miss Wyoming    3:26    That's The State I'm In -
The Mammals    Profit    3:52    Evolver- Humble Adobe Music
Modabo    Sargasso    2:59    Modabo- Atlantica
Tom Paxton, Anne Hills & Bob Gibson    One Million Lawyers    3:31    Best Of Friends- Appleseed
Sirens    Heed The Warning    3:16    Smilin'-

Chad Mitchell Trio    James James Morrison Morrison    2:16    At the Bitter End - Folk Era
Peter, Paul & Mary    Settle Down (Goin' Down That Highway)    1:45    Moving
Cry Cry Cry    Northern Cross    3:00    Cry Cry Cry- razor & tie
The Wailin' Jennys    Saucy Sailor    3:11    40 Days- Red House
Cindy Kallet, Ellen Epstein & Michael Cicone    Ready for the Storm    3:05    Angels in Daring
Brother Sun    What Must Be Done    2:49    Brother Sun -
Red Molly    Jezebel    2:38    James
Finest Kind    John Barleycorn Deconstructed    3:01    For Honour & For Gain
Genticorum    Galope doux bedon MP3    3:46    Nagez Rameurs MP3

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