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2012 Setlists

Folk Plus Theme: Variety & that reminds me of...

  Saturday December 8   2012
Hour one December 19, 2012  on WIOX

Barra MacNeils with The Black Family               
(Shay, Michael, Mary & Frances Black)        Tarry Flynn    4:17    The Celtic Colours Sessions
Dave Gunning        When the Cold Weather Comes    3:23    No More Pennies
Tom Payne        Thirty Pieces Of Silver    4:44    Ten Lucky Pennies
Jack Hardy        Potter`s Field    3:06    The Nameless One- gread divide rec.
Darryl Purpose        The Fourth Chair    3:34    Next Time Around- BlueRock ARTIST
The Atomic Duo        New New Deal    2:48    Broadsides
Cheryl Wheeler        We're the Bank     2:53    Greetings from Cheryl Wheeler-
Rosie Starr        to the bank    1:46   
SONiA        Christmas Makes Me Love You (Christmas Makes Me Realize)    3:20   
Hugh O'Doherty        I'm Confused    3:34    Quints
Buskin & Batteau        Never Cry Wolf    2:34    Nouveau Retro -
Stan Rogers        Barret's Privateers    4:30    Between the Breaks…Live! (Remastered)-borealis
Ian Robb        Garnet's Home-Made Beer    3:41    From Different Angels- fallen angle music
Garnet Rogers        Frankie & Johnny (w.Doug Long)    8:24    Summer Lightning- snow goose
Annie Lou        The Plaid Parade    2:33    Grandma's Rules for Drinking

Folk Plus Theme: Interview with Lucy Kaplansky
  Saturday December 15,   2012
Hour two December 19, 2012  on WIOX

Portions of the following songs will be heard:

Lucy Kaplansky        Scorpion    3:53    Flesh And Bone
Mary McCaslin    McCaslin    Prairie In The Sky    3:45    Things We Said Today
Lucy Kaplansky        The Tide    4:16    The Tide
Lucy Kaplansky        If You Could See    3:36    Flesh And Bone- Red House
Cry Cry Cry        By Way Of Sorrow    3:03    Cry Cry Cry- razor & tie
Lucy Kaplansky    Lucy Kaplansky & Richard Litvin    Don't Mind Me    3:32    Every Single Day- Red House
Red Horse        Don't Mind Me (feat. Eliza Gilkyson & John Gorka and Lucy Kaplansky)    4:08    Red Horse- Red House
Lucy Kaplansky        Mother's Day    3:21    Reunion- red house
Lucy Kaplansky        I'll See You Again    4:41    Reunion- red house
Lucy Kaplansky    Lucy Kaplansky    Manhattan Moon    3:55    Over The Hills
Lucy Kaplansky        Reunion    3:44    Reunion- red house
Civil wars        Poison & Wine     3:40   
Lucy Kaplansky        Gone Gone Gone    3:50    Reunion- red house
Lucy Kaplansky        Land Of The Living    4:04    The Red Thread- red house

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