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Folk Plus Theme: Aztec 2 step

  Saturday December 29th , 2012
Hour two on WIOX January 2, 2013

Mary McCaslin - Prarie in the Sky - same - Philo
John Roberts & Tony Barrand - Rise up Jock - Nowell Sing we Clear 1975
Maggie and Terre Roche - Mountain People - Seductive Reasoning
Paul Simon with Roches - Was a Sunny Day

Spoke with Rex Fowler about their documentary, Pete Fornatele, music over the decades, his beginnings with Neil, their style, their covering of Paul Simon's works, the 8 piece group the nutopians covering John Lennon etc:

Aztec Two Step in part or in total from the following:

Ballad of Hupty Dumpty and Cinderella
The Road
John Gary
John Lennon - Girl
Days of Horses
April by Paul Simon
Living in America

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