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Theme: Speed

Lui Collins        Things to Do    3:25    Leaving Fort Knox
Maria Dunn        Speed Up    2:55    Piece By Piece -
Molly Picon        Heaven help the working girl    2:47
Stan Rogers        The White Collar Holler    2:3
- Between the Breaks…Live! (Remastered)-borealis
Ellis Paul - The World Ain't Slowin' Down [movie Me, Myself and Irene] 4:49    Translucent Soul

Michael McNevin    -    Busy Life    4:27    Secondhand Story
Artisan   -     Speed -   1:56    Rocking At The End Of Time
CBC   -     Human Race    2:09   
Greg Brown    -    4 Speed Trap Boogie     2:37    FP Cars
Eddie From Ohio   -     Quick 4:17    Quick
Acoustic Blender    Joanne Hammil, Additional Arr. Justin Solonynka    A Question Of Tempo    2:56    Crazy Whirled -
Charlie King & Karen Brandow    Charlie King    Growing Up & Slowing Down    2:51    ... On The Journey-
Cosy Sheridan        The Little Train    3:45    Grand Design - Bonneville Worldwide Ent
Spring Creek        Slow Down    3:49    Way Up On A Mountain -
Nash, Jory        The Getaway    3:09    New Blue Day- Thin Man Records
Jack Hardy        The Zephyr (Take It Slow)    5:18    Civil Wars- great divide
Lui Collins        Bring Your Mind Back Home    4:06    Baptism Of Fire Green Linnet
fade out with a bit of:   
The Juggernauts - Take It Slow And Easy 4:03 You Mean We Get Paid Or This?   

Frank Solivan is playing January 27th 3 pm at the Cooperage in Honesdale PA

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