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Andrew McKnight        How High The Mountain    3:13    Beyond Borders
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer        The Mountain    3:40    Tanglewood Tree- Signature Sounds
James Keelaghan    Ferron    Misty Mountain    3:55    Small Rebellions  Tranquilla music
Holly Near        Mountain Song    1:15    And Still We Sing: The Outspoken Collection [Disc 2]- Calico Tracks Music
Maggie & Terre Roche    Maggie Roche    The Mountain People    3:15    Seductive Reasoning- sony
John Reischman & The Jaybirds        Cold Mountain    4:36    Vintage Unique
Notorious        Wild Rose Of The Mountain    2:53    The Road to Damascus
Sons Of The Never Wrong    Mark Dvorak    In The Shadow Of The Mountain - Mark Dvorak    2:51    Church Of The Never Wrong - Waterbug
Roy Schneider    Roy Schneider    Dancin' on the Mountain    3:51    Walls that Talk
Peter, Paul & Mary    Peter Yarrow    Gilgarra Mountain    6:03    A Song Will Rise
Tim Grimm        How Beautiful Upon The Mountain    4:37    Thank You Tom Paxton
Teresa Doyle        Mist Covered Mountains    3:39    Dance To Your Daddy
THE TWANGTOWN PARAMOURS    MaryBeth Zamer/Mike T. Lewis    WIDOW OF THE MOUNTAIN    3:31   
Wayne Scott    Wayne Scott    In The Mountains    2:08    This Weary Way - Full Light Rec.
Hugh Blumenfeld        This Mountain    3:45    Mozart's Money
Pete Seeger        Are There Any Mountains Near Here? (Spoken Word)    1:11    Pete Remembers Woody [Disc 1]- appleseed
The Sea The Sea        Move A Mountain    3:04    The Sea The Sea

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