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WJFF Saturday July 6, 2013
 WIOX Sunday March 10, 2013 11am-noon

THEME:  Government/Money/Broke

Roy Zimmerman        Buddy, Can You Spare a Trillion Dollars?    2:52    Real American
Charlie King & Karen Brandow    King, Charlie    Don't Pay Taxes    3:13    Sparks And Tears
Bob Andrews        Broke Again    2:29    Finns Point Light- dancing druid music 1999
Greg Jacobs        A Little Rain Will Do    4:22    Lucky (Live) - okie wind music
Ron Hynes        Dirt Poor    2:10    Ron Hynes- Borealis
Whoopi Goldberg        Doris Knows Everything    1:38    Free To Be... A Family (Marlo Thomas & Friends)
The Andrews Sisters        The Money Song    3:13    Cocktail Hour [Disc 2]-
Rod MacDonald        Big Money    2:33    Songs Of Freedom- blue flute music-
Janet Bates    Janet Bates    Let That Rich Man Pay for a Change    1:38    Little Spinner -
Jane Fallon        Money's Gone Blues    3:46    Gemini Rising In A Patchwork Sky-
Hugh Blumenfeld        Mozart's Money    3:24    Mozart's Money
Diana Jones        Poverty (Album)    2:47    High Atmosphere
Peter, Paul & Mary    Peter, Paul & Mary    A Soalin'    3:16    Moving
Mickey Vandow        intro to the rich man and the poor man    0:35    Album
Mickey Vandow        Rich Man and the Poor Man    4:12    Album
ROSIE & THE RIVETERS    Various    Poor Man    2:26    InTuNe 2012 - CD 1 -
Finbar Furey    Finbar Furey & Various    One Last Pay Day    3:02    Finbar Furey Colours
Night Sun        I'm Not Rich    2:57    Home
Jack Hardy - Willie Goggin's Hat - Tinker's Coin -

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